Project #1: A night out in the 1950s

Here’s dreaming of a stylish night out in the 1950s: a beautiful red cynched-waist ball gown, white gloves á la Audrey Hepburn, attitude courtesy of Anne St Maire, and destination Paris.. *sigh* Oh, and not forgetting a personal style consultation from the legendary Christian Dior.

How’s your Pinterest vintage lookbook coming on? If you’ve got no idea what I’m talking about, please see this post here which explains everything!

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  • Theadora

    What a beautiful spread. Bravo!! I love the Métro shot. The red ball gown is also gorgeous! Theadora (I always enjoy your daily posts, by the way)

    • We Heart Vintage

      Thanks Theadora – glad you like the blog! Are you going to enter the pinterest project too? I’d love to see your vintage pin-board :)