What I’m wondering this morning…

sixties eye makeup or lots of lipstick?
I’ve always been a lots-of-eyeliner kind of girl – probably because I’ve always loved the sixties.

I’m only just starting to be brave and try proper grown-up lipsticks now I’m in my (late) 30s – it’s kind of scary trying to embrace bright reds when you’re scared of looking like a clown.

I was put off about 10 years ago when I confidently waltzed into work one day wearing bright red lippy only to have about 20 different people ask me why I was wearing lipstick?!

If it had been somebody else would they have asked that? Did I look that odd, or was it just that they weren’t used to me looking like that?  Anyway, that put me off trying that again for another  5 years or so!

Anyway it got me thinking – girls which do you choose, big eye makeup or lots of lipstick?

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  • http://www.myvintage.co.uk Emma @ My Vintage (@emmabphilosophy)

    I am definitely more of an eye make-up than lipstick girl. I have this paranoia that my lips aren’t symmetrical (which I have been told is poppycock) but when I wear dark lipstick it freaks me out! So I am all about the eye liner and mascara and stick to the nude lipgloss. Keep being tempted to try red though… We’ll see!

    Emma x

  • Jeeze, Julia!

    Yeah, I’m with you. I’ve always done a lot of liner and left my lips as they are (or maybe with a smudge of chapstick on them), but I long for lipstick! For some reason, I, too, feel very nervous about bold lip color. The other thing that’s tough about it is worrying about smudges, lipstick on my teeth, or leaving behind color on the lid of my drinking glass – eye makeup is just so much easier!


  • http://stretchyhannah.wordpress.com stretchyhannah

    Eyes! I’ve never mastered the smooth chic lipstick look – after a while it starts to slide down my face (big smile..)

    • http://weheartvintage.co Mary

      me too – somehow it takes more confidence to wear statement lipstick than to have lots of eye makeup doesn’t it! Glad I’m not the only one!

  • http://preciousruthlesscaptures.wordpress.com melanieylang

    My usual eye makeup is a pale neutral eyeshadow with black cream eyeliner on the top lid, and I’ve only just learned to do a smokey eye for my small eyes. But I’d still rather put all my eggs in the lipstick basket if I had to choose between the two! Red when I’m feeling, oddly enough, more confident!