I’m guessing we won’t agree on this one…

Who was the best james bond

Oh I know probably everyone will say Sean Connery – and yes you have a point. But I’ve also got a soft spot for George “this never happened to the other fella” Lazenby. And actually I grew up watching Roger Moore as Bond – and while he was terribly camp and very different from Connery- they were still great movies.

Timothy Dalton on the other hand [shakes head in disbelief]…. terrible idea!

As for the modern-day Bonds, I’m still undecided. Pass that photo of Daniel Craig in his little swimming shorts and I’ll give it some thought…

Oh – and if you need some help deciding, take a look at this new ad for Sky Movies HD where they mix all the James Bonds into one amazing video:

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  • http://erotixx.wordpress.com Rincewind

    oh such a tough one, I grew up with Roger Moore so he is in my mind straight away when I think of Bond but my favourite one now is actually Pierce Brosnan, he made me happy going to a new movie…

  • http://Sadmanstongue.com Sad Man’s Tongue: Rockabilly Bar & Bistro – Prague

    The first time is always the best. Sean Connery set the foundation, Daniel Craig restored the series to a legitimate tone. I love Daniel, but will never vote against the first.