1950s model Joanna McCormick

1950s model Joanna McCormick

1950s model Joanna McCormick in an advert for Chemstrand Nylon from September 1957.

The most beautiful thing in organdy is nylon. For instance: this blouse Pale and crisp as frost… in a dither of pleats… fragile to see… yet it washes, won’t tear or go limp or unpleat. What’s behind this beauty? Nylon that’s better than ever. One reason: today, a good share of nylon yarn is the product of the only integrated plant, the most modern research facilites, the most exciting name in the industry: Chemstrand Nylon.

Source and copyright: Some rights reserved by and used with kind permission from dovima_is_devine_II

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  • http://foreverboundart.wordpress.com Forever Bound Art

    Oh, that is stunning. Fantastic ! The photographer should of been proud of that!

    • http://weheartvintage.co Mary

      it’s a beautiful photo isn’t it!