The 6 most iconic wedding dresses

iconic wedding dresses

Now this is a really tough question: Who are the most iconic brides of all time? Some obvious ones spring to mind: Grace Kelly in the dress which inspired Kate Middleton’s wedding gown (or at least that’s what I suspect happened), Audrey Hepburn in her white minidress and headscarf?

There are a lot to choose from, but here are my favorites. Let me know if you think I’ve missed anyone out…

1. Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor's wedding dress

Liz Taylor was bound to be in this list, just because she got married so many times. My favourite dress was from when she married Nicky Hilton in 1950s. It wasn’t a happy marriage, but the dress was wonderful! Source and copyright: Some rights reserved by and used with kind permission from thefoxling

2. Grace Kelly

Grace Kellys wedding dress

When Grace Kelly married Prince Rainier III in 1956 it was a fairytale wedding. She wore a beautiful lace and silk gown designed by Helen Rose of MGM. Source and copyright: Some rights reserved by and used with kind permission from thefoxling

3. Jackie Kennedy

Jackie Kennedy wedding dress

When Jaccqueline Bouvier married John F. Kennedy in 1953 she wore a gown of ivory silk taffeta designed by Ann Lowe and a lace veil worn by her grandmother. Source and copyright: This work has been released into the public domain by its author, Toni Frissell. This applies worldwide.

4. Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburns wedding dress

I think this is my favourite of these wedding dresses. When Audrey Hepburn married her second husband Andrea Dotti in 1969 she wore a simple light pink wool mini dress designed by Givenchy.

Source and copyright: Some rights reserved by classic film scans

5. Sharon Tate

Sharon Tate's wedding dress 1960s

Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski married at Chelsea Registry Office in 1968. She wore a white 1960s mini dress, and he wore Austin Power’s suit (apparently).

Source and copyright: Some rights reserved by and used with kind permission from thefoxling

6. Wallis Simpson

Wallis Simpson's wedding dress

When Wallis Simpson married Edward, Duke of Windsor in 1937 she wore a pale blue dress designed by Mainbocher with a coordinated blue straw hat.  Source and copyright: Some rights reserved by and used with kind permission from thefoxling

Which is your favourite? I know I’ve missed some important brides out – there’s no arguing that Princess Diana’s wedding dress should be in there, but I thought it looked a mess, and it’s my list so I don’t want to include it ;)

Did I miss anyone?

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  • Simone

    I think Carolyn Besset’s wedding dress is gorgeous… And the wedding dress that Audrey Hepburn wore in Funny Face – but that was not a real wedding ;-)

  • Antonio

    Are you serious??? No question Grace Kelly’s wedding dress is the most iconic ever.

  • terio

    I actually loved Liz’s wedding dress when she married Richard Burton the first time. It’s yellow but her head piece was amazing!
    Also like Bianca Jagger’s wedding suit when marrying Mick!
    Fun post! Thx for sharing!!

    • vilvintage

      True, both of those were stunning outfits… Glad you like the post :)

  • Mary

    true, both were gorgeous. It was very hard to narrow down to just my few favourites!