Modern vintage: Dita Von Teese covers Harpers Bazaar

Dita Von Teese cover February’s Harpers Bazaar Singapore in true starlet style. I can’t help but think that she’s had a lot of her natural beauty airbrushed out of her in this shot though – she looks more like a shop mannequin than the sexy siren we usually see. What do you think?

Source and copyright: Harpers Bazaar Singapore

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  • tincupbrewup

    She looks like a completely different person!! How weird.

    • vilvintage

      isn’t it strange? I think its a case of over-airbrushing…

  • Gerryquiff

    As with most images for publication, they are taken by photographers, then passed onto to be retouched.
    Some are subtle, some are severe, this is the latter and probably to done to suit the ‘style image’ of the magazine.
    Personally I think she’s lovely without the retouching and this image has diluted her personality

    • vilvintage

      it’s a shame isn’t it – they seem to have removed all the personality which makes her so attractive!

  • Georgina

    Would be fantastic to see the original pre-airbrushed pics for these covers!

    • vilvintage