The Greta Garbo auction and the things I wish I’d bought…


On 14th & 15th December Julien’s Auctions held an auction of the property of Greta Garbo’s estate (yes, yes, I know I’m ridiculously late posting about this!). I’ve lost countless hours browsing through their online auction catalogue and I wanted to share some of my favourite things.

If I could have bought myself one thing from the auction it would have been one of Garbo’s hats or pairs of sunglasses, or maybe her gold cigarette lighter.

It’s a strange catalogue though, some pages look wonderfully glamorous and others just look like humdrum pages of a department store catalogue. What would you have bought? The item which sold for the largest amount was her Louis Vuitton steamer trunk which went for a whopping $37,500.00.

Click to see bigger pictures below:

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