Modern vintage: Rihanna covers Elle UK but I’m pretty unimpressed

Rihanna for Elle UK April 2013

Rihanna is the latest celeb to be photographed wearing the 60s inpsired Louis Vuitton collection, this time for the cover story of April’s Elle UK magazine.

I can’t get too excited about this I’m afraid. Anyone who has a gun tattoo, posts photos of herself on Instagram smoking dope, publicly forgives and gets back together with the boyfriend who beat her senseless AND is supposed to be a role model for kids makes me pretty angry.  She’s made out in this article as being wonderfully rebellious, but she just seems to make some really bad decisions. Someone we all want our kids to turn out like, right?

ANYWAY, she’s gone all 60s and wearing that Louis Vuitton collection which everyone is wearing, so I thought I’d share. Sorry for the negative vibes, I try not to be a critical person, but Rihanna just makes me cross! I’m sure you’ll disagree!

Anyway – here are some of the photos. What do you think?
[3 photos]

Rihanna for Elle UK April 2013 Rihanna for Elle UK April 2013

Photos source and copyright: Elle UK

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  • Laurie Carey

    Everything you said and feel about Rhianna is spot on!

    • vilvintage

      I’m glad it’s not just me!

  • KayeJaye

    I think you’re totally right!!

    • vilvintage

      Thanks! :)

  • saramay91

    I agree with you too! It sets a bad example. and she has so many young fans that I think she should be a bit more self-aware of her image…

    • vilvintage

      :) good to hear! I’m so glad it’s not just me!

  • allexis

    I dont think shes trying to be a role model but regardless the lesson she teaches is that we are who wwe are and we cant stop being ourselves for the approval of others and she looks great in the pics