Britt Ekland looking gloriously colourful, 1970s

Britt Ekland in 1970s

Actress and movie star Britt Ekland photographed in 1970s in her Mayfair flat in London. I love the bold and busy patterns she’s wearing, it’s so wonderfully 70s (and not a hint of brown to be seen!). It’s perhaps a strange observation but she’s got strange feet, is that just me? Either way, she looks fabulous!

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5 thoughts on “Britt Ekland looking gloriously colourful, 1970s

  1. Debby

    Very nice photo of Britt. It just looks like her feet are elongated is all.
    Btw,in your list you left out many TV and movie stars. How could one forget John Travolta or Farrah Fawcett,who are past the Star description and are iconic.


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