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1940s Hollywood sewing patterns: Betty Grable

1940s Hollywood sewing patterns: Betty Grable

A vintage sewing pattern from the 1940s, designed with Betty Grable in mind by Hollywood Patterns. I think I prefer the short sleeved version of this dress best. Thanks to Julie Kirby for scanning this and sending it in to me, if you have any vintage photos or magazines I’d love to see them! The sizing seems to be pretty different too. I’m not so sure about American sizing, but a 32″ bust and 35″ hip seems small even for a UK size 14 (more like a UK size 12). Would a US size 14 be very different now?

  • Nancy

    Dress sizes are very different today~!
    A US size 14 would be much larger.
    From what I found the measurements for a 14 range from Bust – 39 Inches to 35 “, Waist = 27 to 31″ , Hips = 38′ to 41″.

    Sadly there is no industry normal for dress sizes.. so trying things on is a must before buying.

    • vilvintage

      It seems crazy that sizes vary so enormously doesn’t it? Especially when most people don’t even know their measurements!

  • http://ladymiss22.wordpress.com ladymiss22

    Hi didn’t see that you’d posted the pattern till today … Thanks! There’s a Wiki article called US Standard Size that seems to be concise … It lists Misses Sz 14 as B-35″ W-27 1/2″ H-38 1/2″ … There are sizings for, Misses, Women’s or Plus, Misses Petite, Junior Petite, Young Jr, Tall and Half … Depends on height and body type … Interesting to have reference to, it also has Men’s sizing, probably children’s too, I just glanced at the article … Glad you liked the pattern … Julie Kirby

  • kelly

    Sizes have changed dramatically over the years. A modern day UK size 14 is around a 38.5″ bust, 31″ waist, and 40.5″ hips. A 32″ bust and 35″ hips would be more in line with a modern UK size 8 (32.5″ bust, 25″ waist, 34.5″ hips).

    • vilvintage

      wow, that’s a big difference isn’t it? I wonder why it’s changed so much – is it just that we’re all bigger now?