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Caption competition: 1940s ballet dancers

1940s ballet

I love this 1940s ballet picure, it just made me giggle. How would you caption it? I have no prizes to give away (apart from the obvious prestige you’ll gain from having the most amusing answer) but if you’re in it for financial gain you can always enter my latest competition too ;)

Martin Rubenstein and Kathleen Gorham, dancers in the J.C. Williamson / Borovansky Ballet production of Gay Rosalinda, 1946. Photographed by Hal Williams.

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  • Nancy

    Who cares if you can’t dance? Nobody will care if you show them your under pretties!

  • http://www.revivalvintage.co.uk Helene Fallows

    “You may well have the best eye brows but I have better legs!”