Ooh, stunning 1950s red shoes!

Ooh, stunning 1950s red shoes!

Oh how I love these beautiful slim red stilletoes. Sadly I’ve got quite fat wide feet so I don’t think they would fit me even if I could track down a pair, so I’m happy coveting them from a far. Aren’t they elegant…?

I’m not so sure however about that strange pom pom hat, it looks like something a garden gnome might wear!

The Shoe: New and sensationally beautiful. A transparent pearly kidskin with dramatic depths. It’s a lovely leather you seem to look deeply into.

The Color scope: In coral, blue, geranium, garden green, linden (green yellow), perla, gazelle and white.

The Look: The bright and open V-strap to wear with your spring prints and solid shades… you’ll have that Life Stride Look of perfection.

Source and copyright: Some rights reserved by and used with kind permission from dovima_is_devine_II

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  • Nancy

    They are indeed elegant, and while I don’t have any issues with my feet being too wide to wear them, I am just not coordinated enough to manage stilletoes, LOL!

    • vilvintage

      ha ha, I know what you mean. I’m a bit too clumsy to wear heels unless I’m at a wedding ;)