Vintage women’s boxing: late 1800s to 1920s

Vintage women's boxing

Fraulein Kussin & Mrs. Edwards 1912

I assumed that women’s boxing was a fairly new sport, after all it was only included in the Olympics last year for the first time, but from these photos you can see it was going on (although with varying degrees of inappropriate outfits) since at least the late 1880s. I’m guessing it wasn’t a mainstream sport for young ladies, but still the photos are very interesting!

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Vintage women's boxing

The woman lightweight world champion boxing Louise Adler training with the prize fighter Joe Rivers for the match in which she will defend her title, United States 1926.

Vintage women's boxing

The Bennett sisters boxing: c. 1910


Vintage women boxing

Not the most practical of boxing outfits. I’m guessing this would be late 1800s?


Vintage women's boxing

Mrs. Edwards & Frl. Kussin [1912]

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