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My first attempt at colorizing a photo

Original vintage photo

This is my first attempt at colorizing a vintage photo (below), what do you think? I love the original photo party because of the fabulous hairstyles of the two women. One of the women is wearing a “peysuföt” (a traditional Icelandic Costume) and the other a Danish dress. The photo was taken sometime between 1900-1920.

I’m not overly happy with the finished picture, the skin tones don’t look particularly realistic to me, but hopefully that will come with practice. I think the woman on the left has turned out better than the women on the right, whose face has ended up looking a bit strange…

In fact my 7 year old has just looked at the picture over my shoulder and said ‘look at those ladies, they look weird’ *sigh* Has anyone got any colorizing tips?

Colorized vintage photo

Original photo source and copyright: No known copyright restrictions

10 thoughts on “My first attempt at colorizing a photo

  1. ams9908

    I’ve got a ‘step-by-step’ guide designed for colourising Victorian pictures but you can use it for pretty much anything that I can send, it’s just a few JPEG’s with examples of results, but I don’t know how to send anything to you. Email me and I’ll send it over. I assume you’ve got Photoshop?

  2. ams9908

    Just to let you know I’ve sent the guide I mentioned. I’m lucky in that a friend of mine who is a professional photographer and therefore uses Photoshop all the time lives just round the corner from me – if I come across anything I can’t do I ring him! :- )


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