5 Epic 1920s Swimsuit Fails

Epic 1920s Swimsuit Fails

It’s easy to get carried away and think that swimwear styles in the past was more beautiful, more elegant and more chic than those available today, but as these photos prove that wasn’t necessarily the case!

The photo above, for example, is a gorgeous photo full of joy and laughter, but unfortunately those flimsy woolen swimsuits have gone completely transparent. How those ladies got out of the water with their modesty in tact I have no idea – and I’m guessing that see-through swimwear would be way more scandalous on a 1920s beach than now. Perhaps they just lounged in the shallows (like the lady below) and hid beneath their voluminous swimming caps until everyone had disappeared and they could make a dash for it.

Epic 1920s Swimsuit Fails

I suspect this lady may be hiding the fact that her swimsuit has gone embarrassingly see-through…

Epic 1920s Swimsuit Fails

And it wasn’t just women’s swimwear which became rather revealing when wet

Epic 1920s Swimsuit Fails

This is what happens when 3 flappers have a sledging accident wearing their swimming costumes (let that be a lesson to you all!)

Epic 1920s Swimsuit Fails

And as for this bathing beauty contest I’m not sure why the winner is wearing a pair of boxer’s boots and her mother’s curtains but none of these outfits are particularly flattering!

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  1. Missy

    That is Duke Kahanamoku the Father of Surfing in Hawaii, the 2nd to the last pictures has the young ladies sledding in some snow during the summer at Mt Rainier in Washington State … Don’t know what that’s about …!


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