Quotes: Bette Davis on Sissies

Quotes: Bette Davis on Sissies

Old age ain’t no place for sissies: Bette Davis And on that note, I’ll just say Happy Sunday everyone! The original photo (above) is from a Jim Beam advert from 1974.


7 Unsolved Vintage Mysteries and Disappearances

Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner

I think the tragic disappearance of Flight MH370 is probably pre-occupying all of us at the moment and it goes without saying that all of our thoughts and prayers go out to those missing and the families of all involved. The seemingly impossibly long wait for news got me thinking about some past mysteries and […]


10 Vintage Selfies, Including a Naked Selfie from the 1920s – Who Knew?!

Vintage selfie photograph

So, you thought the selfie was something new? Apparently not! Here is the evidence that people have been taking selfies since the late 1800s  – even naked selfies! It’s not just the celebrities of today who love showing off their bods! These photos range from the 1890s to the 1970s, some are self-portraits done with […]


1970s Vintage: 50 Fabulous Finds

1970s vintage fashion

I love the Seventies. While I adore the fashions from other decades, I feel at home wearing 70s style. As a small child I was dressed in corduroy dungarees, chunky roll neck sweaters and puff-sleeved dresses and I guess that never really leaves you. Give me a pair of flared jeans and a faux-fur gilet […]


Vintage Perfumes: The Fragrances that Defined Each Decade

Promitif by Max Factor perfume advert 1960s

Nothing can transport you back in time like a fragrance. They say that your sense of smell is the most powerful and evocative sense, and it’s true: Chanel No. 5 will forever remind me of my mum, Armani pour Homme is my husband, and Brut – well that reminds me of staying out late as […]


Britain’s Vintage Bingo Halls


For those of us old enough to remember when the great game of Bingo first hit our shores courtesy of Eric Morley, this is a nostalgic look at why of Britain’s cinemas became Bingo Halls. One such cinema to go was the Capitol Cinema in Scarborough which was turned into a Mecca Bingo. The decline […]


A 1960s Triceratops

1960s Dinosaurs

This photo was taken at the opening of the Anacostia Neighborhood Museum in September 1967. The Triceratops, named Uncle Beazley was placed in the parking lot, where you can also see him in the snow in 1977 (below).


Guest post: the mysterious story of the Tigra-Girl

Tigra Girl - Tigra Cigarette Packet

Everybody knows the beautiful green cigarette packets with a beautiful woman on the front dressed up in a tiger suit. She looks at you with intense seductive eyes and even if you don’t smoke, you’d want the packet just for its beautiful picture. A lot of people like the cigarettes or like the packet but […]


Star Wars casting tapes (the original 1970s ones)

Harrison Ford as Han Solo Star Wars

Wow, that was an experience. In the process of researching this post I trawled Flickr for many many light years searching for Star Wars images that I could use and I discovered something. I had no idea there were so many truly committed Star Wars geeks super-fans out there. I confess that one year I […]


1970s wedding photos

1970s wedding

High fashion photos are great, we all love looking at those perfect people in their super-stylish outfits, but there’s something fascinating about looking at real people’s photos. I dream of coming across stacks of old photos in the back of an antique or charity shop. I can’t think of anything better than spending hours pouring […]


A gorgeous 1970s afro

1970s afro

A student with fabulous 1970s hair at the Westinghouse Industrial Vocation School On Chicago’s West Side, May 1973. I wish I could see the rest of her outfit, the bit of her 70s print shirt that I can see looks gorgeous!


Jane Asher as Juliet in 1960s

Jane Asher as Juliet in 1960s

Jane Asher (of cake-baking fame) playing Juliet in ‘Romeo and Juliet’ at the Bristol Old Vic in 1967. I love that gorgeous, and oh-so-70s dress. Shakespeare mixed with disco…


Alice Cooper before he was a hard-core rocker

Alice Cooper before he was a hard-core rocker

The band Alice Cooper photographed in natty flared suits in 1973 before they adopted their hard-core rock image. You probably know Alice Cooper better for biting the heads of snakes (or was that Ozzy Osborne?) and looking like this. Amazing what a good stylist can do for your career isn’t it?


How many Fondas can you fit in a hammock?

Jane, Peter and Henry Fonda

Following on from How many Jacksons can you fit on a motorbike? here are 3 members of the Fonda family all squashed into 1 straining hammock.  Jane, Henry and Peter Fonda photographed in the 1970s (?)


How many Jacksons can you fit on a motorbike?

The Jacksons 1970s

It sounds like the worst joke in the world doesn’t it? Why they thought it was a good idea to try and pose the 5 Jacksons on one motorbike I have no idea. It was probably the same person who decided all that sleeve-fringing was a good idea (health and safety anyone? That would SO […]


Celebrity mug shots: Jim Morrison

Celebrity mug shots: Jim Morrison

Two different mug shots of Jim Morrison, the lead singer of The Doors,  from 1963 and 1970. In 1963 he was arrested in Tallahassee after pulling a prank while drunk at a Florida State University football game. In 1970 he was arrested indecent exposure and profanity after he exposed himself during a March 1969 concert […]


Nancy Sinatra 1970s

Nancy Sinatra 1970s

The lovely Nancy Sinatra with very dark roots from an promotional photo for her single “Hook and Ladder“, 1970s.

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