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16 Stunning Photos of 1920s Ziegfeld Girls

Ziegfeld Girl 1920s Ziegfeld Follies

Ziegfeld girls were the cheesecake pinups of the 1920s. Beautiful and talented they were the chorus girls of the spectacular Ziegfeld Follies which ran from 1907 to 1931. Many Ziegfeld girls went on to fame and fortune in the cinema and stars including Barabara Stanwyck (below), Louise Brooks and Joan Blondell all launched their careers […]


Quotes: Bettie Page on Fashion

Quotes: Bettie Page

I never kept up with the fashions. I believed in wearing what I thought looked good on me – Bettie Page I watched the movie The Notorious Bettie Page last night. I didn’t know much about Bettie Page’s life before watching it, and it was very interesting to learn a bit more about America in […]


Ziegfeld girl draped in pearls

Ziegfeld girl by Alfred Cheney Johnston

Ziegfeld Follies girl draped in velvet and long stings of pearls photographed by Alfred Cheney Johnston, 1920s. Isn’t she lovely?


Judy Garland looking sexy…

Judy Garland looking sexy...

It’s strange I suppose, but I never really thought about Judy Garland as being sexy. I think my image of her was fixed at the point she played Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, especially since I watched that movie so much growing up! These, however are undeniably smouldering publicity photos of her. Doesn’t she […]


Gil Elvgren pin ups (only covered in milk)

Vintage milk pin up

I discoverd these wonderful pin ups today wchich were inspired by the vintage pin ups of Gil Elvgren. They’re by Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz and they’re for the Milk Calendar 2014.  Aren’t they wonderful?


1950s pin up “First Mate”


A saucy 1950s pin up from the cover of Flirt Magazine, April 1953. The painting was by Peter Driben.


Marilyn Monroe in the bath

Marilyn Monroe in the bath

Marilyn Monroe looking very bubbly in the bath. Love the matching lipstick and toe nails!


Ava Gardner in a yellow bikini

Ava Gardner in a yellow bikini

A beautifully re-coloured photo of Ava Gardner wearing a cheeky halterneck yellow bikini. Personally I’ve never felt inclined to sit backwards on a deckchair – just me?


1920s naked lady ballet dancing

1920s naked lady ballet dancing

1920s photo pin up of a naked lady ballet dancing. Isn’t she gorgeous? I have no idea who she was, but it looks rather like one of the photos by Alfred Cheney Johnston of The Ziegfeld Follies girls.


Gentlemen prefer..?

Gentlemen prefer..?

Well you decide… which would this lovely pin up girl look best as, brunette, blonde or redhead?  Personally I’ve always fancied being a redhead… Pin up by Gil Elvgren from 1963. Source and copyright: Some rights reserved by pinupfavoritter


Pin up girls at a Navy dance during WW2

Pin up girls at a Navy dance during WW2

Beautifully dressed pin-up girls waiting to be asked to dance at the NAS Seattle Spring Formal Dance in 1944. Who could resist such beautiful smiles? No wonder a dance with one of these ladies would raise the morale of the Navy!


1920s monokini (topless swimsuit)

1920s monokini (topless swimsuit)

I thought the topless swimsuit was invented by Rudi Gernreich in the 1960s, but apparently a slightly baggier version was around in the 1920s! This monokini was worn by Guna Mori, a Follies Bergere girl. Apologies for the size of the photo, I couldn’t find a higher-res photo! Which version do you prefer this one, […]


The best legs in Hollywood: a photo tribute to Betty Grable’s legs

Betty Grable's legs

Betty Grable’s legs, who were insured by Lloyds of London for a whopping $1 million. I can’t think of any other actress who was photographed as much just from the waist down! These photos were all from the 1940s, but mostly 1943. Can you see what all the fuss was about? Source and copyright: This […]


Marilyn Monroe in underwear and mink


A 1950s pin up photo of Marilyn Monroe wearing black lingerie and a mink fur stole. I like the composition of this, but she looks a bit wooden, I’m guessing it was probably a popular pin up in it’s day though. What do you think of it? Source and copyright: Some rights reserved by Jack’s Movie Mania Edited with […]


Queen of the tiny waist: Betty Brosmer


1950s glamour girl and pin up Betty Brosmer who had the amazing hourglass figure of: 38-18-36 (inches). Her she has the most tiny waist, I know a lot more clothes were handmade in the fifties, but wow it would be hard to dress to figure like that off the peg! Source and copyright: Edited with BlogPad […]

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