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50 Dazzling Vintage Wedding Dresses

Vintage 1950s Short Wedding Dress

Is your Facebook feed full of people announcing engagements at the moment? Christmas and New Year certainly seem to be popular times to pop the question, and if you’re one of the lucky people who now have a wedding to look forward to you’re going to need a dress. Vintage wedding dresses have surged in […]


Book Review: Style Me Vintage: Weddings

Style Me Vintage: Weddings

This is a real gem of a book – I wish I’d had it when I was planning my wedding all those years ago! It tells you everything you need to know if you want to plan a vintage themed wedding, including the wedding fashions of each decade illustrated with vintage photos and real-life brides […]


Vintage look book: 1950s bride

Vintage look book: 1950s bride

It’s wedding season, so it got me thinking about how lovely vintage bridal styles are. When I got married nearly 11 years ago, I wore a 30s-inspired wedding dress – which I still love, but I love fifties style bridal gowns too. This vintage 50s dress in particular is so pretty! Clockwise from left: Faux […]


Vintage weddings: 1930s wedding dress on a windy day

Vintage weddings: 1930s wedding dress on a windy day

Isn’t this photo charming? The 1930s wedding dress is beautiful and it’s captured a really nice moment as the veil tries to fly away! The people in the photo are musical stars Madge Elliott and Cyril Ritchard who married at St Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney on 16 September 1935.


I need your wedding photos!


I need your vintage wedding photos! I’d like to put together some vintage wedding and bridal galleries for future blog posts and have already received some wonderful wedding photos, but I’d love to see more so that I can do a different gallery for every decade.  If you have any old family photos (or pictures […]


Vintage brides: 1940s wedding dresses

1940s bride

The 1940s were an interesting time in fashion, in part because so much of the style of this decade was developed via necessity. Traditional bridal fabrics such as silk were rationed and a lot of brides opted instead for day dresses, suits or even military uniforms and accessorized them with corsages, hats and gloves. Which […]


Vintage 1950s wedding dress


Patsy Shally photographed by Lillian Bassman in a 1950s white cotton wedding dress for Harpers Bazaar April 1952. I love the details of this outfit: the little posy of violets, the organdie bow headdress, the white gloves, lovely! This is the original description from Harpers Bazaar:


Vintage French weddings 1920s-1970s

I’m delighted to have a guest post today from the lovely French blogger Anne who blogs at chicandgeek.com. She has agreed to share some of her wonderful family wedding photos from the 20s through to the 70s. Enjoy, and merci Anne! The pictures I’m happy to share with you today came in my mailbox (the […]


1940s bridal fashion photo from McCall Magazine

Cover photo from 1942 McCall Magazine: June Bride. Photographer: Nickolas Muray. Aren’t they just the picture of marital bliss? Although oddly they don’t seem to be wearing wedding rings… Source and copyright: George Eastman House Collection: No known copyright restrictions  


Silent movie actress Bebe Daniels

Bebe Daniels

1920s movie star Bebe Daniels in a publicity photo. Source and copyright: This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.