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Jayne Mansfield pretty much naked

Jayne Mansfield

The magnificent Jayne Mansfield wearing, well, just a small miniscule amount of fringing and some flesh-coloured fish nets… Wow, what can I say! Except have a great weekend! x


1930s Marlene Dietrich look-alike in a saree

1930s Marlene Dietrich look-alike in a saree

This advert from 1936 is from a Lucky Strike advert (hence the cigarette I suppose). I don’t know who the model is, but she looks like Marlene Dietrich wearing a fabulous orange saree (perhaps a wedding one – anyone know enough about bridal sarees to confirm?). I guess that was probably intentional, Dietrich was one […]


A young and handsome Humphrey Bogart


A young Humphrey Bogart in his 20s in the 1920s (I’m guessing – he was born in 1899). Bogart’s movie career didn’t take-off until he was in his 40s, so it’s really interesting to see a photo of him looking so young! Handsome devil wasn’t he? Source and copyright: Some rights reserved by twm1340 Edited with BlogPad Pro


Cigarette Advert from 1933

1930s cigarette advert

Photograph used for a 1930s cigarette advert by Alfred Cheney Johnston, 1933 Source and copyright: Some rights reserved by ky_olsen Edited with BlogPad Pro