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20 Vintage Fur Adverts You Wouldn’t See Today

Vintage fur advert

You don’t see fur adverts much these days (or at least I haven’t come across many) but basically fur advertising hasn’t changed much since this type of ad (above) from the 1960s. Why she’s holding a lit cigarette lighter that close to her flammable fur coat I have no idea… Anyway, by now you probably […]


Shopping For A Fur Coat, 1960s


A woman shops for a fur coat at Bergdorf Goodman in New York City. Her Chinese pug, Miss Puffet, sits on a nearby chaise. December 1964. This is a previously unpublished image.


Silent movie star Bebe Daniels

Silent movie star Bebe Daniels

The stunning 1920s silent movie star Bebe Daniels in a signed publicity photograph. She looks like she’s wearing a velvet coat with fur trim – very chic! If you fancy seeing her in action here she is in the 1918 movie Two Gun Gussie with Harold Lloyd.


50 Fabulous Vintage Coats


Oh my, it’s definitely getting colder out there. The nights have drawn in and Christmas lights are starting to spring up all over the place (my next door neighbours back garden looks like a plastic Santa’s grotto – they’ve been out there all morning hanging it all up!).  It’s definitely time to wrap up warm […]


Tilly Tizzani, October Vogue 1962


Tilly Tizzani wearing a ‘bijou suit, wine and roses’ for October Vogue 1962. Isn’t the dress beautiful?


2 French Icons: Catherine Deneuve and the Eiffel Tower

Catherine Deneuve and the Eiffel Tower 1960s

Catherine Deneuve sitting in a rather uncomfortable-looking chair in front of the Eiffel Tower 1960s. I don’t know very much about this photo unfortunately, but it seems rather strange for a number of reasons. Why, for example, is she sitting in that chair, and why is it on a plinth? Surely she could have sat […]


Mary Pickford wearing THE most amazing gloves

Mary Pickford wearing THE most amazing gloves

Mary Pickford wearing THE most amazing gloves in a publicity photo from the 1931 movie Kiki. I fell in love with gloves like these when I saw a lady wearing them (number 18) at Goodwood Revival last year and never thought I’d see another pair! Aren’t they amazing? If anyone knows where I can get […]


Greta Garbo

Greta Garbo

Greta Garbo smouldering in a publicity photo from 1930, the year she moved from silent movies into talkies. Her first talking movie was advertised to the slogan ‘Garbo Talks!’ Ha ha! Give that publicity man a cigar… Her first talking line in a movie was “Gimme a whiskey, ginger ale on the side, and don’t […]


Bette Davis, windswept and smiling

Bette Davis

A windswept and smiling Bette Davis wearing a fur stole. Isn’t it lovely to see a photo of her looking so relaxed?


1950s Schiaparelli fur coat

1950s Schiaparelli

An advert from 1958 Vogue for a black Persian Lamb fur coat designed by Elsa Schiaparelli. The model is Sunny Harnett. Couturier talent drapes a Directoire Dress Coat of ever-so-supple, high-polish, HAMMER BRAND, black-dyed, SOUTHWEST AFRICAN PERSIAN LAMB with the fashion impact of a Boeing Jet and a full blown collar daringly plunged.


Goldie Hawn trick or treating

Goldie Hawn trick or treating

I know, I know! It’s WAY to early to be posting Halloween-themed photos but I couldn’t resist. It’s a month until Halloween and I’m very excited (especially because of my Harry Potter party) so I thought I’d share this great photo of Goldie Hawn and Ruth Buzzi from Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-in, 1968. What are […]


Strange vintage trends: fox furs

Strange vintage trends: fox fur wraps

You know my feelings about real fur by now, and if you’ve somehow missed that you can read about it here. I have to remind myself though that the past was a very different place, where wearing fur was aspirational and fashionable and the ethics of it weren’t questioned at all. One thing I still […]


Marilyn Monroe lighting up

Marilyn Monroe lighting up

If you think how fashionable (and common) smoking was in the 1950s it was pretty inevitable for Marilyn Monroe to smoke, but you very rarely seem to see photos or footage of her smoking. Here’s a photo of her lighting up with Edward R. Morrow, who I think was an American Journalist in the 50s.


Is it OK to wear vintage fur?

Vintage fur

Is it morally acceptable to buy and wear real fur just because it’s vintage? This is a question I’ve asked myself quite a lot recently without really coming to a conclusion. To set the record straight, I feel strongly that wearing real fur is un-acceptable. I can’t conceive of any situation where it would be […]


1930s cruise photos

1930s cruise photos

The 1930s really were the golden era of cruises, everything looks so wonderfully glamorous. They always remind me of Agatha Christie’s Death on the Nile – all though I doubt these photos were taken in Egypt, they just don’t look warm enough! These photos were all taken onboard Cunard cruise liners during the 1930s. Sadly […]


Marilyn Monroe looking the perfect 1950s lady

Marilyn Monroe 1950s

Marilyn Monroe looks fabulous in this costume test photo from 1954 doesn’t she? I wish I could dress like this, but I guess even in the 1950s only the most well-to-do women had hair, diamonds and furs like this so it would have been far from typical. Still, doesn’t she look wonderful? Does anyone know […]


1940s gloves and other gorgeousness

1940s gloves

Isn’t this 1940s advert for Hausen Gloves beautiful?  The green and maroon are just lovely together. The advert was published in May 1946.