Mary Jane Russell in Vogue 1957

10 Supermodels of the 1950s

Did you know that Uma Thurman’s mum was one of the most popular models in the 1950s? The Fifties was a great time for models. For the first time they became superstars in their own right. Apart from ‘the big three’ (Suzy Parker, Dovima and Jean Patchett), there were lots of other models who really made their name in this decade. Here are my favourites:

1. Suzy Parker

Suzy Parker as Little Red Riding Hood

Suzy Parker was one of the very top models of the 1950s and is perhaps most famous for being the face of Revlon. She was the first model to earn $100,000 per year.  Continue reading

Jean Patchett 1950s model

Jean Patchett: The Girl with the Beauty Spot

Jean Patchett was one of the best known models of the 1950s. Today, February 16th, was her birthday and she would have been 88 so here’s a look back at the girl that fashion photographer Irving Penn described as A young American goddess in Paris couture.

Jean Patchett 1950s model

Patchett started modelling in April 1948 and scored her first prestigious Vogue cover in September that same year.

During the 1950s she became one of the most popular models of the 1950s along with Dovima, Suzy Parker, Dorian Leigh, Evelyn Tripp and Lisa Fonssagrives. She became famous not only for her beauty mark, but also for her unattainable ice-cool demeanor. I bet Alfred Hitchcock loved her! Continue reading

1950s model Jean Patchett

Winged Eyeliner and Statement Brows: 1950s Makeup Tips

Woah, my article about 1920s makeup has been trending wildly for the past week – I’ve never seen traffic like it! I wonder whether 1950s makeup will be as popular…?

It’s certainly a more wearable look for everyday, and it’s an easy one to learn how to do as well. Flicked eyeliner and a dash of lipstick adds polish to any outfit and it’s surprisingly easy to do!

After the austerity of the war years, women really began to enjoy makeup again in the 1950s. A full made-up look was popular, and a girl was never seen without her lippy!


Start your 1950s look with a good coverage of foundation – you want to create a blank canvas ready for your full made-up fifties face!


1950s Eyebrows

Eyebrows were a real feature in the 1950s. The were shaped, pronounced and darkened to make a real statement look. There wasn’t a particular shape, eyebrows were shaped to suit each face and range from angled brows, to arches to straight lines, whatever frames your face shape. Pluck your brows,  shape with clear gel and then darken and thicken if necessary with an eyebrow pencil. Continue reading

Promitif by Max Factor perfume advert 1960s

Vintage Perfumes: The Fragrances that Defined Each Decade

Promitif by Max Factor perfume advert 1960s

Nothing can transport you back in time like a fragrance. They say that your sense of smell is the most powerful and evocative sense, and it’s true: Chanel No. 5 will forever remind me of my mum, Armani pour Homme is my husband, and Brut – well that reminds me of staying out late as a teenager…

“A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.” – Coco Chanel

This may have been a dramatic overstatement, but if I was in the business of selling perfume I would probably come up with some outrageous quotes about how indispensable it is too! And it worked, Chanel No. 5 is one of the most popular fragrances of all time, a bottle of it is sold every 30 seconds.

Coco Chanel also stated that women should wear perfume wherever they hoped to be kissed. Wise words indeed - please note that this does not mean ‘layered’ in perfume as perfume counter girls will advise you. We’ve all got into a lift with someone who smells overwhelmingly (and gaggingly) of some cloying scent, and you don’t want to be THAT person.  No one should be able to smell your perfume unless they’re that little bit closer than is polite, then it should be something delicious and intoxicating. Continue reading