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Marilyn Monroe’s Bum


Well, I’m not sure what else I could have titled this blog post! This photo is from Bert Stern’s famous 1962 photo shoot with Marilyn Monroe. I just stumbled across the photo on Flickr and had to share. Isn’t she fabulous? Happy Tuesday everyone!


Marilyn Monroe in the bath

Marilyn Monroe in the bath

Marilyn Monroe looking very bubbly in the bath. Love the matching lipstick and toe nails!


Naked girl a box of rabbit fur, 1920s


I’m not entirely sure why there is a naked girl in this box of rabbit fur. Do you think it was a promotional photo, or is she just a girl who likes feeling fur against her naked skin and got snapped in the process..? I prefer to think it’s the second option


Paul Newman in bed… naked…


Well, what can I say, it’s Paul Newman in bed, looking naked and very appealing. Enjoy! As a footnote, does anyone know which movie this is from? I was thinking it might be from Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, but I’m not sure…


Steve McQueen’s butt

steve mcqueen

Steve McQueen looking pensive in a sharp suit. Happy November everyone. If you’d like to see a gratuitous photo of Steve McQueens bum I’ve found one here – enjoy! Source and copyright: Some rights reserved by classic film scans Edited with BlogPad Pro


My fantasy interview: all about Marilyn Monroe in her own words

Marilyn Monroe animated gif

There’s been a bit of a Marilyn Monroe theme to my blog this week – which wasn’t planned, it just sort of snowballed. Anyway, it’s turned into an unplanned celebration of Marilyn which is appropriate as today is the 50th anniversary of her death on August 5th 1962. I’m not sure that’s really something to […]