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1960s stewardesses (or are they air hostesses?)


I’m not quite sure of the right terminology to use, is it PC to call these ladies stewardesses? Flight attendants? Air hostesses? I’m sure you’re not allowed to use some of those phrases today but I really have no idea. Anyhoo, these ladies worked for PSA in the 1960s – don’t you just love those […]


Cary Grant in army uniform

Cary Grant in army uniform

English: Original studio publicity photo of Cary Grant for the film I Was a Male War Bride (1949). Doesn’t he look dashing in a uniform? He had the mole on his cheek removed the year after this photo was taken. I don’t know whether Cary Grant actually was in the armed forces during the war, […]


Gene Kelly in uniform, WW2

Gene Kelly in uniform

Gene Kelly photographed in his US Navy uniform during the Second World War, probably 1944 or 1945. He enlisted in the US Naval Air Service and was stationed in the Photographic Section, Washington D.C. He looks mighty dishy in a uniform doesn’t he? He was one of my first crushes when I used to sit […]