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Gentlemen prefer..?

Gentlemen prefer..?

Well you decide… which would this lovely pin up girl look best as, brunette, blonde or redhead?  Personally I’ve always fancied being a redhead… Pin up by Gil Elvgren from 1963. Source and copyright: Some rights reserved by pinupfavoritter


Pin up girls at a Navy dance during WW2

Pin up girls at a Navy dance during WW2

Beautifully dressed pin-up girls waiting to be asked to dance at the NAS Seattle Spring Formal Dance in 1944. Who could resist such beautiful smiles? No wonder a dance with one of these ladies would raise the morale of the Navy!


Marilyn Monroe in underwear and mink


A 1950s pin up photo of Marilyn Monroe wearing black lingerie and a mink fur stole. I like the composition of this, but she looks a bit wooden, I’m guessing it was probably a popular pin up in it’s day though. What do you think of it? Source and copyright: Some rights reserved by Jack’s Movie Mania Edited with […]


Queen of the tiny waist: Betty Brosmer


1950s glamour girl and pin up Betty Brosmer who had the amazing hourglass figure of: 38-18-36 (inches). Her she has the most tiny waist, I know a lot more clothes were handmade in the fifties, but wow it would be hard to dress to figure like that off the peg! Source and copyright: BettyBrosmer.com Edited with BlogPad […]


Vintage pin up art: the Petty girl


George Petty was a pin up artist who worked predominantly for Esquire and True during the 1930s, 40s and 50s. Did you know? An image of a Petty Girl talking on a phone was used as the ‘nose art’ on the famous WWII B-17 Flying Fortress, Memphis Belle


Ziegfeld girl, Kay English, 1920s


Kay English, Ziegfeld Follies girl, posing in a pin up photo with a violin photographed by Alfred Cheney Johnston, ca. 1929 See more Ziegfeld girls here


A pinup parade, teaching a tiger to charleston & me in Harpers Bazaar!

this weeks vintage

Betty Grable’s famous WWII pinup photo Evelyn Nesbit with a Chyrsanthemum headband Skinny  minnie Audrey Hepburn Vintage look book: 1930s playsuit One helluva pink satin jumpsuit from 1969 A risque 1920s ballet dancer Teaching a tiger to Charleston My vintage: 1920s outfit Charlotte Rampling in a fur coat an nothing else 1940s beauty photo Happy […]


1960s pin up art

Pin up girl  in her stockings and suspenders painted by Gil Elvgren in 1962. I love the way he’s drawn the vibrations from the toning machine!


WWII pin up photo of Sherry Britton

Pin-up photo of Sherry Britton 1940s

Pin up photo of Sherry Britton wearing a fabulous bikini dress from the December 1945  issue of Yank, the Army Weekly, a weekly U.S. Army magazine.


Vintage Vargas pin up from Esquire


Some gorgeous vintage Vargas pin up art from Esquire – with the obligatory patronizing comment “He told me if man ever paid attention to  a lot of frivolous objections like that, the human race would have perished ages ago” Hmmmmm….


Betty Grable’s famous WWII pinup


This photo of Betty Grable from 1943 was the most popular pin up photo for American GIs during WWII. You can see the other WWII pin ups here Source and copyright Edited with BlogPad Pro


Vintage weekly recap: style, satin and S-bend corsets…

weekly recap

La Sylph – the extreme S-bend corset Modern vintage: Fei Fei Sun goes all retro for Vogue Italia 1950s bombshell dress from Harpers Bazaar Reactions to JFK’s assassination Fashion sketch: 1930s dress design for Jean Harlow Monique Chevalier in 1950s Vogue Backstage at the Moulin Rouge, 1950s Vintage look book: Jean Harlow in bias-cut satin […]


Who knew she’d soon be the most beautiful woman in the world?

Marilyn Monroe WWII pinup 1940s

Norma Jean Dougherty (who later became Marilyn Monroe) photographed for US Army magazine YANK on June 26 1945. There’s no doubting that Norma Jean is very pretty but it’s hard to see how she transformed to the iconic star and pin up queen she became later… See other YANK pinup girls here


WWII army pinup girls

Marilyn Monroe WWII pin up for YANK Magazine

During World War 2 all of the big Hollywood stars posed for pin up photos to raise the morale of the troops. The official US Army magazine was called YANK (is it just me that finds that funny?) Lots of the big silver screen starlets of the time are here: Lauren Bacall, Ingrid Bergman, Rita […]


A lovely Marilyn Monroe pin up

Marilyn Monroe

I like this photo of Marilyn, even though she’s posing it looks like an outtake from the photoshoot rather than a photo which would have been used. It’s a gorgeous pin up photo – and all the better for being a bit different… I always got into trouble as a kid for stretching my jumper […]


A young Elizabeth Taylor in fishnets

A young fresh-faced Liz Taylor posing for a sweater-girl style pin up photo in fishnet tights and a leotard in 1949. Did anyone watch Lindsay Lohan’s Liz & Dick by the way? Was it any good? It hasn’t come over to the UK yet as far as I know… Source and copyright: Some rights reserved by and […]


The pin up girl – 7 of the best

Pin up girls or cheesecake models have been popular since the early 20th century – here are my pick of my favourites and the most influential. Betty Grable Betty Grable was one of the most popular pin up girls during WW2. Famed for having the best legs in Hollywood her pin up photos were a […]