Marilyn Monroe’s scar, photo by Bert Stern

I’ve moved this photo into a Pinterest gallery showing Marilyn Monroe’s impressive scar here. As you can see it’s quite an impressive (not to mention crude) scar on her stomach.  It was from when she had her gallbladder removed. See the gallery here.

13 thoughts on “Marilyn Monroe’s scar, photo by Bert Stern

  1. minni

    I agree, that is not the location of an appendix scar.
    In 1961 at the Polyclinic Hospital of New York MM had a gallbladder operation. In addition, Marilyn suffered from an ulcerated colon and abnormal bleeding from the uterus.
    She was a beautiful woman!

  2. LaurenLoveMeh

    Thats a gullblader removal scar.Not a apendix scar.Because the apendix is not located there.Anyways,She was and still is a great woman to me,3ven though shes dead it dosent matter.Shes my role model.Because i want to be a model! 😀

    • proud latino

      i don’t think u can be a model. in ur pic. ur heads 2 round. and its not attached 2 ur body.:)

  3. Lisa Youmans

    Impressive pic of Marilyn with a scar! Showing that nobody is perfect! But in reality she was trying to impress the world every day if her life and never being truly happy with herself! She was a natural beauty with a wonderful heart! All she needed was to see that in herself and to truly see the gifts she was born with!!


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