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Betty Brosmer and her amazing 18" waist

Betty Brosmer's tiny waist

Model and pin up girl Betty Brosmer and her amazing 18″ waist – isn’t she fabulous?

Source and copyright: http://www.bettybrosmer.com/ Used with kind permission.


8 thoughts on “Betty Brosmer and her amazing 18" waist

    • Betty Cooper

      sorry, I’m 3 years late here!

      This is a publicity shot, and believe me, models and photographers do all sorts of things to get the right shot.

      To me it looks that she is seriously corsetted, although it’s supposed to look like a natural waist line. She is not tightlaced by Victorian standards – she could go smaller if necessary.

      Also, she has crossed her legs and put her elbow out to help give the idea of a curvey figure.



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