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This week’s competition is courtesy of the inspiring Elisa from Chelsea Girl Vintage Clothing in NYC – $100 gift voucher to spend in her gorgeous online boutique!

Chelsea Girl specialises in finding fashion-forward items that defy the notion that vintage is retro, and has been featured in Vogue, Elle, The New York Times, New York Magazine, The New York Post, Time Out, Gotham, and many other publications.

Their celebrity clientele includes Penelope Cruz, Rachel Zoe, Demi Moore, Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz, Beyonce, Britney Spears, Kirsten Dunst, Renee Zellweger, Claire Danes, Debbie Harry, Patti Smith, Kristen Wiig, Molly Ringwald, Sheryl Crowe, Miley Cyrus, Natalie Cole, Kelly Lynch, Naomi Campbell, and Bjork.

To enter:

We love Elisa’s Vintage Is Green!™ philosophy and so for this week’s competition we’re asking you to tell us about your favourite vintage item of clothing – either something you own, or something you would love to own. If you’re looking for inspiration why not check out the Chelsea Girl vintage website for ideas?

We’ll pick a winner after entries close on Thursday 12th April. The winner will be announced on this blog soon afterwards so don’t forget to check back or subscribe!

Competition rules:

  • 1 entry per person
  • Competition starts on Friday 6th April 2012
  • Entries close at midnight on Thursday 12th April 2012
  • We will contact the winner shortly afterwards and pass their details onto Chelsea Girl Vintage Clothing who will contact them regarding their prize
  • The gift certificate is available for use worldwide, but you will have to pay the extra shipping costs if you require delivery outside the USA
  • The gift certificate will expire after 1 year and is only for use online at
  • We respect your privacy, we never give your personal data to anyone else and only contact you if you have won the competition

Here are some of my favourites from Chelsea Girl Vintage – which do you like best?

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38 thoughts on “Win $100 Gift Voucher for Chelsea Girl Vintage

  1. Adrienne Hancock

    When I was 20 my father was cleaning out his closet and gave me an old 1970s tan herringbone sport coat that no longer fit him. I still have it and wear it on occasion with a white, wide collar shirt. It’s a great, unique piece and I’ve received lots of compliments on it.

    Being a woman, I think I love it because it reminds me of Dianne Keaton in Annie Hall, wearing man’s (or manly) clothes but still looking very effeminate and chic.

  2. dapperdolly

    Some years ago I managed to find and purchase a beautiful dress reminiscent of the dress the princess wore to the ball in Jerry Lewis’ ‘Cinderfella’ but in Red and White. It was made by ILGWU The International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union which in itself is of historical interest and I’m very proud to own something from those hard working ladies who stood up for themselves and made a stand.

    I wore it for a Valentines Day with long Red evening gloves and it really made me feel glamorous. It’s stood the test of time and is very well constructed.

  3. alw6ys

    oh, my. I REALLY, REALLY like the 60s Tweed and Fox Fur Coat. So cute!! It looks like it’s also a dress so that’s a double like for me! LOVE, LOVE dresses and anything cute! :)

  4. Kelly Hooper

    Had a look on chelsea girls website for a bit of inspiration and fell immediately in love with the Trash Couture Lace Bustier! What a beautiful item of clothing, the price tag is a bit out of my range though and I think id be scared to wear it incase I ever stained it

  5. sharon griffin

    I would love to own a genuine 1920`s flapper dress because i just love the intricate detailing and elaborate beading on these elegant dresses

  6. Toni

    I recently bought online a beautiful black and red maxi dress with bell sleeves and red/gold stitching across the bust. It was beautiful, but a bit too big and wide, so I decidedly to carry out a (DOOMED) alteration myself. No sewing experience. No idea what I was doing. I completely ruined that gorgeous dress. I can still wear it as long as I wear a cardigan or something over the top to cover up the completely wonky messed up seams in the back. Very sad. I am a huge moron. My beautiful dress :-(

  7. dorit vaknine

    i love chelsea girl in river island, my mum said she used to buy chelsea girl in the 70s- i hate to follow the croud and im individual. My favourite piece of vintage clothing is: platforms- they were great!

  8. Kate Peterson

    My favourite vintage time is 1940s/50s (I’d love to raid Dita Von Teese’s wardrobe) but my all time favourite item is a 1960s hand-made ivory floor length dress – my wedding dress- sleeveless, gently fitted at the chest and waist and the exact right length for me with gold braiding detail at the round neckline and around the waist. I was looking for a simple, elegant wedding dress and fell in love with it when I saw it. It fits as though it was made for me. When my husband saw me on our wedding day, his jaw dropped open and he couldn’t speak! Not bad considering he started to open it by mistake when it arrived and thought it was a tablecloth!
    It had a mark on it and some loose threads so it only cost me $20 but with a bit of care and attention, it’s back to looking brand new. I’m saving it for my daughter when she grows up.

  9. Lailli

    I managed to find a beautful hand made leopard print knee dress with a peter pan collar from a car boot sale a couple of years ago. I think it’s probably circa 1950’s judging by the zip used and the lining – it is the most amazing dress I have ever owned, and so flattering! Well worth the little money I spent on it.

    I am also majorly into the grunge look, and would love to own one of the dresses from the grunge range on the Chelsea Girl website. I’d pair one of the pretty floral knee dresses with some Dr Martens and some huge sunglasses for a great Spring look.

  10. lee tunnicliffe

    I have my great grans real mink fur coat. She was a tiny thing and it came down to her ankles, but with me its just to my knees. I adore it, and everytime I go out I get compliments on it. Its a timeless classis, and I wear it with dresses and sky high stilletoes for going out clubbing, and my jeans and tan ugg boots in the winter. It is easily my most treasured possesion and it reminds me of my gran everytime I wear it :)

  11. Beverley Thomas

    I have an old afghan (fake lol) coat, its seen better days but I always knew it would have its time again!

  12. Tessa Hilt

    My favorite vintage item is a 1960’s white lace dress. The dress is stunning, with long lace sleeves and white satin lining the inside of the dress. The style of the dress is very romantic and feminite, fitting tightly around the waist, and loosly falling to the floor. Pearls also line the sleeves and along the back of the dress. I happened to come across the dress at a thrift store and it has become a very cherished vintage item in my wardrobe – and a wonderful reminder of the elegant clothing that emerged from that era.

  13. susan willshee

    It seems that every time I walk into high street stores just lately I go around the clothes saying ‘I used to have one just like this in the …whatever era’ If only I’d packed my clothes away from the 70’s & 80’s I’d be sitting on a fortune now – well perhaps not as they were all high street and not designer -but I can dream :-)

    I do have one ‘vintage’ piece that I still love, although I rarely get an opportunity to wear it.

    It’s a gorgeous black evening dress with sparkles threaded through the fabric and bugle beads across the yoke. It was handed down to me by my godmother and she also gave me some black evening gloves, a little bag covered in bugle beads and a chiffon wrap of the same fabric.

    I love it very much but because it’s so ‘posh’ and so special to me it only comes out on the very best occasions.

  14. Simon Thompson

    1920`s flapper dress – i love the glamour of that era and feel like it needs bringing back. they are elegant and chic

  15. nikki hilton

    when i was younger my granny gave me her pink velvet flapper dress, that had rows of crystal beads hanging down- and rhinesones on the neck and sleeves- it was so heavy i could only wear it for a short while- but it was extremely beautiful- wish i still had it now!!

  16. Nancy Bradford

    I have a lovely pin that my grandmother gave me. It is from the early 1900s and has three pretty oblong pearls across it. It’s really beautiful and can be worn in the hair, with a scarf, as a fastening hook.

  17. FionaLynne Edwards

    I’m mad about Mad Men and the wonderful old Doris Day/Rock Hudson films. I love the white dress she wore in Pillow Talk when she was dancing in the nightclub. I’d love to own that! My own fave vintage item is a green jacket I bought in the 1980s with zips all over it.

  18. Sammie Martin

    I have kept hold of and still wear on special occasions a beautiful fake fur cream jacket that is definitely vintage and extremely beautiful. I will never part with it :)

  19. angiehoggett

    my favourite item is a black tassell dress in a flapper style it’s so beautifully made I haven’t had the chance to wear it yet but I will definitely be planning to wear it somewhere very special!

  20. Melissa Hall

    When I was clearing out my mum’s cupboards I found a gorgeous black fascinator made of velvet and long feathers. I love wearing it because it is feminine and glamorous, and reminds me of her at the same time.

  21. Maya Smadi

    One of my constant vintage obsessions are 1960’s mod dresses! So versatile, cutting edge to this day, timeless, flattering and just super cool! I like the girly ones and the more bohemian ones made out of crochet and you wear a bikini underneath it with knee high boots! love the look!
    A young Bridget Bordeaux..

  22. Teresa Sheldon

    I have an imitation fur collar that belong to my nan, its so beautiful and I always feel glam and gorgeous when I wear it

  23. Greg

    Beige shorts and shirt which are safari style – ideal for summer and adventure, still look good especially on holiday in kenya

  24. stacey mccoig

    I would love to own a leather womens flying jacket as would have been worn by Amilia Earhart in her day.

  25. Caroline Young

    I own mostly vintage accessories, not clothing as of yet, but I dream of possessing the stunning pink, fitted dress worn by Marilyn Monroe in Niagra…. that is definately a “va va voom” dress! :)

  26. dewvintage

    My faviourite vintage dress is a 1950’s cotton day dress of which i like to call Doris! Its hand made from screen printed cotton, and with a big blue polka dot background, and big pink roses overtop (its vintage print perfection!) I was bidding for this off ebay but unfortunately it went up way to high, and as if by magic it was relisted a few weeks later and i won it for £15. So it seems the dress found its way to me in the end. And it will be much loved until i can no longer fit into the vintage itty bitty waist…i dread that day! :-D. And that is my story of Doris the dotty dress :-) xxx

  27. Mandy carter

    My favorite vintage clothing is a gorgeous cream swiss lace blouse with pearl buttons that was passed down to me from my mum. It still looks really pretty and i can wear it with jeans or dress it up.

  28. jane

    When I was younger my dad gave me his old LEVI jacket that he wore when he was a teenager, I still love hearing his stories about how he used to go rocking in the jacket, he might tell the same stories over and over again but I still love hearing them. The jacket is something that I will pass on to me son. I do not expect my son to ware it (be great if he did) but maybe the jacket could be passed down from generation to generation. In generations to come we will be able to see how the fashions have changed over the cenutries and you never know it might be worth something one day!


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