Andi B. Goode (real name Andrea) is a forties- and fifties-loving girl from Adelaide, South Australia, whose lips were just made for red lipstick. I’ve got serious pout-envy! She blogs about vintage and vintage lifestyle on her blog

What inspires your vintage look?
I spend a lot of time watching movies so I get a lot of inspiration from cinema as well as looking at vintage snapshots from the eras I love and old magazines and knitting patterns…as well as other vintage lovers!

I’ve started to be more inspired by the ’60s again, which was actually my first love and I’d sometimes wear ’60s inspired outfits when I was a teenager (I’d never thought about buying vintage until much later which annoys me thinking of all the great things I could have found ten years ago).

What’s your favourite piece of vintage?
I’d say my favourite piece is always changing! There are favourite dresses that don’t fit me, right now, so I’ve got them stored away for the time being.

It’s actually really hard to choose my favourite piece – I think this dress would be right up there, though. The colour is gorgeous, it has very sweet details like the frilly collars, etc. and it has pockets and buttons. A lot of my favourite things all in one dress!

If you could own any iconic vintage piece what would you choose?
There are so many I’d love to own! When Debbie Reynolds had that auction of all the Hollywood memorabilia she’d collected I nearly cried looking through the catalogue but, as I’ve been going around singing ‘Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend’ a lot lately (it’s a great shower song!) I will say I’d love Marilyn’s pink dress from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. It would never fit me but I could look at it a lot.

Who are your style icons?
I seem to always default to Dolly Parton as an answer for questions like this – I just love how she has never compromised her look for anyone or anything and has stayed true to it throughout her whole career even if I guess it’s easier to not compromise once you’re an established singer and quite famous than if you work in an office or something. She’s still someone I admire a whole lot, though. There are also a lot of style bloggers that would be right up there as style icons for me.

Do you have any style tips to share?
To be honest the only tip I have is to where whatever you want and what makes you happy. I don’t believe in fashion rules or dressing for your age or body type, etc., and I certainly don’t believe in dressing for anyone but yourself!

Where do you buy your clothes?
At the moment I have a very, very small budget for clothes so I can no longer buy at my usual places which was a mixture of etsy, local vintage stores and sometimes ASOS for vintage inspired because it’s all way out of my current price range. Which has been good for me, in a way, because it’s forced me to go back to scouring little op-shops (I find going to the bigger ones largely fruitless for clothes and often over-priced) for vintage inspired pieces (finding real vintage is a rare thing indeed) that fit into my wardrobe.

Do you have great vintage style? If you would like to be featured as one of our Vintage Style Heroes please let me know!