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This weeks fantastic competition prize is being offered by Frisking The Whiskers,  an East London based photography studio who specialise in quality vintage glamour and 1950s pin up photography.

Frisking the Whiskers are a team of photographers and vintage loving specialists! They take sexy and sophisticated vintage-style photographs inspired by the glamour and allure of Old Hollywood and the cheeky snaps of 1950s pin up.

Their aim is simple; make you feel beautiful and glamorous, give you an unforgettable experience and send you away with some amazing shots.

With a friendly and fun team to support and style you throughout your shoot and a vintage Hair and Makeup girl on hand to make sure you are looking your very best, a Frisking the Whiskers photo shoot is the perfect way to treat yourself!

The prize:

The prize is an Enhanced Photo Shoot, which is a 3 hour studio session, with hair and makeup, and includes both the Hollywood Glamour and 1950s Pin Up shots. With five 8×10” mounted photos, including one framed, and the gold social media package included in the deal, this gives you the true Frisking the Whiskers experience. For more information visit their website

Value: £250

How to enter:

For your chance to win this amazing prize, simply answer the following question: Who is your Hollywood style icon? Post your answer in the comment box below.

We’ll pick a winner after entries close on Thursday May 31st 2012. The winner will be announced on this blog soon afterwards so don’t forget to check back or subscribe!

Competition rules:

  • Entries close at midnight GMT on Thursday May 31st 2012
  • We will contact the winner shortly afterwards and pass their details onto Frisking the Whiskers who will contact you regarding your prize the prize directly.
  • There are no country restrictions, anyone who can get to our studio can of course enter. However you will need to provide your own transport to the studio for your photo shoot.
  • Your prize must be used within 3 months of the competition closing date.
  • We respect your privacy, we never give your personal data to anyone else and only contact you if you have won the competition.

    This competition is also listed on: ThePrizeFinder – UK Competitions and Loquax Competitions

37 thoughts on “Win a Vintage Pin Up Photo Shoot

  1. Anne chic and geek

    I cry because I live in Paris and I am afraid of any transportation means (bicyle included)… This prize is amazing.
    So if I win, I give my place to the next one.
    What am I doing here ? I take the opportunity to tell you I love your blog… so thank you !!!
    And my Hollywood Style Icons would be… Audrey Hepburn for elegance, Katharine Hepburn for the audacity, Marilyn for her sex apeal, and Ava Gardner for incarnation of pure beauty.
    Good luck girls !
    Anne (and her bad english)

  2. Lucy Richards

    I would love to win this and can get into London with ease!
    ‘What do I wear in bed? Why chanel No. 5, of course.’
    Gorgeous tight dresses, platinum blonde hair and breathless voice.
    It has to be Marilyn Monroe!
    I share her curves.

  3. Isobelle Forde

    I would choose Vivien Leigh as my Hollywood icon, a timeless beauty with delicate features and cheekbones that could cut a butternut squash, a scheming bad girl you are somehow drawn to love with her obstinate expressions in Gone with the Wind. Very sensual looking for that era also. Love a woman who makes a dress out of curtains!

  4. Peter Callcut

    I am a guy, so Marilyn is at the top of my list for Hollywood style icon, But that would change if I won cos my wife would get the prize.

  5. Shelly Terry

    Marilyn Monroe when she wears swimwear. In her swimsuits she knew how to wear them to suit her shape, always looked beautiful, but also was more natural than when made up in evening wear. I always feel like you see a little more of Norma Jean in those beach pictures.

    Thanks for giving me the chance to win :)

    Shelly X

  6. Fran Light

    My Hollywood style icon is Louise Brooks – she was the 1920s starlet who made the classic short straight bob the ‘must have’ hairdo of the 1920s. In every photo I’ve ever seen of her, she always looks so coy and quetly confident. She never dressed in a vampish kind of way, always in an ‘understated sexy style’ There’s something very engimatic about her … and I do so love that classic short bob hairstyle!

  7. Gaye Williams

    Personally I think Christina Hendricks looks amazing. She has a great figure, and she knows how to work it with the outfits she wears. If I could look that glam, I would be a happy girl!

  8. kim mayhead

    Audrey Hepburn, so beautiful and stylish. She always looked perfectly groomed, her style is still copied today, so i think that says a lot about her image.

  9. charlotte dennis

    Audrey Hepburn, her look so beautiful & timeless. A ‘classic image’ that lives on. Stunning!

  10. Sarah M

    I’ve always thought that Jennifer Connelly is very beautiful. I love her facial features and she usually dresses quite simply. But would be better with the curves and figure of a classic beauty like Monroe. I think Monroe was brimming with a sense of self-esteem which I wish I had! This is a great competition, bet it will be a real confidence booster for whoever wins :) Good luck everyone! xx

  11. Anna Hodgson

    Marilyn Monroe is my Hollywood Style Icon because she is so inspirational and extremely photogenic you could take a photo of her at any angle and she would still look absolutely beautiful, she has a figure to die for and her hair and make up is wonderful. The confidence that shows through in her photos makes me wish how I was like her. This comp is a amazing idea for girls and boys who want to show a message that anyone is beautiful! GOOD LUCK GUYS xx

  12. Daisy Bryan

    I would have to say Audrey Hepburn, so elegant and sophisticated! I would absolutely LOVE to win this prize, I love vintage style 😀 😀 😀 fingers crossed!!!

  13. Lynn Fancy

    Wow! This was hard work as most of them were so stunning and beautiful. It was such an elegant era where women were not afraid to look feminine and chic and didn’t dress like men, not a football shirt in sight!
    My icon award would have to go to Sophia Loren pure class and gorgeous!

  14. susan willshee

    Audrey Hepburn is absolutely my style icon. Not only was she gorgeous and had such a classic style but she was also such a good person with her work with UNICEF. I think her goodness shone through and you could see it in her eyes.


    My Hollywood style icon would have to be Ginger Rogers. I love to watch old black and white movies to get fashion ideas and my style has been inspired by the Fred and Ginger films, where Ginger Rogers wears the most beautiful, elegant clothes. She is simply pure class <3

  16. georgia cranwell

    My hollywood style icon would be Twiggy. She was beautiful in the 60’s and is still beautiful now, who wouldn’t be inspired by that?

  17. Sammy Dale

    The one and only Marilyn Monroe, she had the most wonderful curvaceous figures and was absolutely stunning and to top it all off inspirational!

  18. Lisa Barker

    Would love be as bold and confident as Elizabeth Taylor – bright colours, on trend jewellery and diamonds!

  19. Lilinha Angel

    My favourite Hollywood style icon is Marilyn Monroe. Although she had already passed away when I was born, her inspiration and great work are still alive. Not only Marilyn Monroe was stylish, she was also glamorous and gorgeous!
    Marilyn Monroe represents curvy women, unlike today’s size zero icons. She is an absolute inspiration several generations after she went to Heaven, therefore Marilyn Monroe is a true Hollywood style icon! :) x

  20. Lizzie Fuhr

    Audrey Hepburn is my favourite style icon. If I saw her walking down the street she wouldn’t look out of place at all! Her style seems to be ageless and she just seems so classy. I’m quite a petite person myself and so I look to Audrey in order to find styles that would also suit my own body. She shows that you don’t have to have curves and big boobs in order to be attractive and have sex appeal.

  21. Charlotte Jones

    My Hollywood Style Icon would have to be the magnificent Grace Kelly – beautiful, glamorous and always stylish. She was such an elegant and graceful woman and always carried herself with class. A real life princess :)


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