I’m a huge fan of vintage swimwear (sooo much more appealing than a string bikini *shudder*) and I’m delighted to welcome Julia of Jeeze Julia who’s agreed to do a guest post for me and share two of her grandmother’s beautiful vintage bathing suits, enjoy!

Vintage bathing suits

When you’re a lake girl, you collect a lot of bathing suits.

Luckily for me, I come from a line of water babies, so not only do I have all of my own swimming apparel, but some inherited pieces as well. My grandparents built a little cabin on the lake 60 years ago, and the rest of us since then have spent every summer on these shores.

Today I decided to try on two of my Grandmother’s old suits, and snap a couple of photos to share. My mister was kind enough to put on my Grandfather’s trunks, too – I love that they had a matching set made!Vintage bathing suits

I was so happy to find that these two suits fit me like a glove – like grandmother, like granddaughter? The others are a bit big right now, but I can remember my her wearing the equally adorable pieces well into her 70s, so I’m thinking I might have time to grow into them.

Vintage swimsuit

The teal skirted one is my new favourite of all time. It’s so feminine and the neckline is just darling! These swimsuits have me pining for a time when everything was handcrafted to last instead of being manufactured at lightning’s speed to satisfy the latest trend.

My Grandma is my style icon. Who is yours?
xx, Julia

P.s. To see more of my vintage bathing suit collection, take a peek at my blog!

vintage bathing suits

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