Win a beautiful black corset

Black vintage style corset


This week we have not one but three of these beautiful black lace boned corsets to give away, thanks to the kind people at Corsets UK.

Corsets UK is a corset and accessories company which for over 20 years has been specializing in corsets for fashion and waist-training. Huge selections of sensuous and sexy items are available on their website, and they have sister websites in the US, Australia and now across Europe. They take great pride in running a modern and ethical manufacturing base and now, with almost 400,000 Facebook fans, are fast becoming a world-leader.

About the prize: 
With a black lace trim complimenting the top and bottom of the corset, this little black number will certainly get heads turning. This is a fashion corset and should not be used for waist reduction – just for endless cocktail parties! There are many different sizes available so you will be put directly in touch with Corsets UK if you’re a winner to sort out sizing and shipping.

How to enter:
For your chance to win this beautiful corset simply tell us your favourite item from Corsets UK and let us know in the comment box below.

Competition rules: 

  • Entries open on Friday 20th July 2012 and close at midnight GMT on Thursday 2nd August 2012
  • We will contact the winner shortly afterwards and pass their details onto Corsets UK who will send out the prize directly.
  • Corsets UK will ship the prize to any of the following countries:  Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Guernsey, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Italy, Japan, Jersey, Latvia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States.
  • We respect your privacy, we never give your personal data to anyone else and only contact you if you have won the competition.
  • You can find more sizing information here

This competition is also listed on: ThePrizeFinder – UK Competitions and Loquax Competitions

138 thoughts on “Win a beautiful black corset

  1. Jill Williams

    Fabulous corsets!!!
    One of my fav’s is the Black Swan <3 <3 <3 JP-001
    Would look stunning at a Burlesque party :)

  2. Ciessy Kong

    Gee…. too many to choose! Hmm…apart from the prize article this time, which is definitely a dreamy thing, C07 – “Black and Silver Couture Corset” also caught my eye. :)

  3. melanieylang

    Oh my dear lord…I get heart palpitations at the thought of the custom made GP-107 Black Brocade Steampunk Corset with Ribbon and Buckle Detail! I’m so happy to have discovered this website, and am dreaming about what to order as I type. I’ve never had a corset, but this might break the drought :)

  4. Lucia

    First of all I must say, I absolutely LOVE this website. I could spend hours browsing and admiring this beautiful corsets! It would really be a dream coming true to win this one!

    The corset in this competition is definitely one of my favourites.
    But if I had to chose another one, I would probably go with the A3011 BLACK LACE CORSET.
    It’s just amazingly beautiful and detailed and what I really like is the V-shape at the back!

  5. Gemma Sturge

    Too many choices, loving the steampunk range, but I’d have to say A3356 – ELEGANT BLACK LACE CORSET its stunning!

  6. ElaM

    Oh dear … way too many for an easy decision… I think C08 – Burgundy Satin Couture Corset would be a great match for my personality… or MY-089 – Green Brocade Underbust would be ideal as well, I love gem colors…

  7. miette

    I never imagined myself in a corset. And I very nearly didn’t click on the link to the website (almost blushed at the thought of me in something so sexy). However, glad I did! What a wonderful site (I adore those steampunk skirts and have bookmarked for my next pay!) First pick of the corsets would have to be the Brown Steampunk Style Overbust Corset with Chain and Stud Detail. I think I would squeal with delight (and so would my steampunk-loving beau). x

  8. leslie

    I love SJ-214 black corset wit floral detail and pants and SJ-209 black and white polka dot halter neck and skirt. Theres so many to choose from and there all fab. <3

  9. lianne wightman

    MY-032 – Burgundy Taffeta Style Corset is just stunning, I can see it with a pair of skinny jeans and some skyscraper studded heels. Its very Moulin Rouge and sexy!

  10. Sarah

    I love the CD-108 Long Lined Black Polka Dot Corset. The polka dots give it a cute girly twist to something that is already sexy.

  11. tracey bowden

    i really like the one in the competition but being a bigger lady i really like this one, WT-035 – Baby Pink Taffeta Waist Training Corset

  12. Pauline Wilson

    This is the BEST prize ever, love it soooo much. Apart from this beauty I like the hot pink corset. I chose quickly or I would be there all day browsing the amazing selection.

  13. siobhan marie

    some beautiful corsets including this one which is stunning but id love to try the Long Black Waist Training Corset x

  14. Bernadeta Kobielak

    A3074 – Red Corset Dress

    Wow! This corset is stunning, such adorable stuff, I need it to make a real impression on some men…:)

  15. Georgina Hopkins

    My favourite is A3351 – Blue Corset with Floral Detail, love the unique twist of flowers on it. Never seen something like that on a corset. Gorgeous! x

  16. Victoria leedham

    CD-573 – Black Brocade Long Line Steampunk Underbust
    As I am fascinated with all their steam punk it’s amazing

  17. Melanie Chambers

    A3077 (Black corset with pink trim) What can isay … it’s just my colours, an extremelly flattering shape and has made me fall in lust with an item of clothing!

  18. siggy p

    i really love the union jack steel boned corset MY-161 it supports my home england and i think its really beautiful corset nicely made and i would be really proud to wear it :)

  19. Samantha Atherton

    I think the Brown Steampunk Style Overbust Corset with Chain and Stud Detail is really nice.

  20. Emily Fowler

    My favourite at the moment is MY-025 – Silver Long Lined Corset
    In fact – I’ve just bought it, darn, so much for my ‘stop buying corsets’ plan!

  21. Zara Green

    I love the vintage black corset in the comp! This would be perfect for me as I have lost a lot of weight (size 22 down to a 14 currently!) and would love to surprise my other half with this x

  22. angie pickering

    MY-032 – Burgundy Taffeta Style Corset. But I love them all ! Fabulous site – so glad I found it xx

  23. Lois

    Without a doubt my favourite has to be the Silver Coco Corset. This is simply so stunning and classy, I would love to match this with red lipstick and 20’s hair for a fantastic look!

  24. alicia pomphrey

    the lilac one with the flowers is absolutely beautiful! AMAZING detail and craftsmanship
    – I do hope I win! :)

  25. Sarah Berryman

    I LOVE the Red Velvet Renaissance Outfit- It reminds me of a pirates outfit and is so incredibly beautiful!

  26. Adrienne Hancock

    Oh my goodness, the corsets are so beautiful it’s hard to pick just one!

    The Burgundy Satin Couture Corset is extremely gorgeous and my favorite.

  27. Alexandra Edwards

    I absolutely covet the brown steampunk corset; what a wonderful way to exhibit my newly re-discovered waist, post baby. I so missed wearing my corsets whilst pregnant.

  28. Jess Mandeville

    I love VG-111 – Black Jacquard Stripe Underbust Corset , it’s really elegant and would look great on a night out


    I think they’re all lovely and would be a nice treat for myself and my boyfriend :) but the red velvet couture corset is especially gorgeous x

  30. Jade Waddy

    I have been a fan of Corsets UK for some time now. They are made to the highest quality and are extremely affordable, who could ask for more?

  31. toni austin

    I really love this one- CD-237 Steampunk Brocade Corset with Chain and Belt Detailing. Gorgeous, but i would love a waist trainer too, especially after4 children!!!

  32. Keeley Shaw

    Wow so many to choose from, i love them all, but the A3017 black lace corset is gorgeous, feminine and so eye catching.

  33. Julie Whitehead

    I love the white one: MY-012 – Ivory Corset. I think ivory looks very elegant and soft. I also love the fact that there are plus sizes.


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