1940s bridal fashion photo from McCall Magazine

1940s bridal fashion photo from McCall Magazine

Cover photo from 1942 McCall Magazine: June Bride. Photographer: Nickolas Muray. Aren’t they just the picture of marital bliss? Although oddly they don’t seem to be wearing wedding rings…

Source and copyright: George Eastman House Collection: No known copyright restrictions


5 thoughts on “1940s bridal fashion photo from McCall Magazine

  1. Katie

    You can’t see their left hands. Both are holding each other’s right hand so they will have their wedding rings on but you can’t see them. Or, since they’re just models and not actually getting married, they probably aren’t wearing rings haha who knows. I’d love to see what her dress looks like. She’s so beautiful.
    Lovely blog. xx
    Bisous from New Zealand

  2. Aubin

    Ooo! I love these vintage bridal pictures, especially the magazine covers. That’s an interesting choice to have the flowers in one place on her veil like that. I do like how it ties in with the flowers on her collar, though.

  3. Daisy Mae

    So innocent, the girls that would pull that page dreamed of finding that Prince. My sister and myself would play Barbies and she was always having a wedding while my Barbies were on their jet, single and wearing go go boots. I smile because it is how our lives turned out. She got married at 20 and I traveled and maybe even wore go go boots! :) I always think about how these young women felt on that special day. I bet that along with the excitement they were scared to death!


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