1940s lingerie, the Spencer corset

1940s lingerie, the Spencer corset

A before and after shot of a woman wearing a Spencer Corset from 1941.

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7 thoughts on “1940s lingerie, the Spencer corset

      • Betty Cooper

        These are publicity “before and after” photos.

        In reality the “before” lady is wearing an every day comfortable girdle. In the 1940s most women would have thought it perfectly normal to wear one of these, not to do so was indecent.

        The “after” lady is wearing a formidable, stiffly boned and tight corset that was probably not comfortable at all. This was a “best occasion” corset not an everyday corset.

        If you look carefully (assuming the image has not be modified) her waist and lower ribs are much smaller than in the other photo. The corset is lower on the hips, higher on the ribs and much, much tighter. Of course she has a better figure. Spencer corsets were known to be well boned, and this is boned from top to bottom. Don’t even think about going to the supermarket in this corset, the bottom shelf is out of reach with those steels. This is why the models posture is so good, she does not have a choice.

        Of course, in Victorian times girls were put into corsets at an early age so they were not difficult to wear when adult.

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