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50s pin up girl Betty Brosmer

50s pin up girl Betty Brosmer

The wonderful fifties pin up girl Betty Brosmer with her 18″ waist – wow!

Source and copyright: BettyBrosmer.com. Used with kind permission.

7 thoughts on “50s pin up girl Betty Brosmer

  1. Katie


    You can really see how small her waist is in this photo:


    Look at her hips in this second photo :


    Her arms and legs are thin but look average size in the photo above of her in the pool, probably because of the angle, I mean her waist is teeny weeny. She must have no ribcage haha

    • Mary Post author

      Well, it wasn’t unheard of for models to have ribs removed to make their waist’s smaller, although Betty Brosmer’s waist was supposed to be naturally that size, which suggests there was just a lot of waist training going on rather than surgery.
      Dita von Teese’s waist is a staggering 16″. That’s corseted though, I don’t know what it would be un-corseted..?

  2. Gordon Dever

    Betty Brosmer had an extremely small rib cage, Large bust and curvy hips that made her waist look evan smaller .Women to day do have ribs removed to look like Betty Brosmer,but they did not do that
    Kind of surgery in the 1950’s

    • Mary Post author

      Her waist probably does look even tinier because of her bust and hips, her waist measurement isn’t too different from Dita Von Teese, but because Dita is so tiny all over it doesn’t look quite so extreme!

  3. Ana

    Love her pictures, do you now who the photographer was? I’ve been searching but since she has the rights of the images I’ve come up empty handed. My favorites are these ones in the pool and the one with the striped swimming suit.


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