1950s pinup Betty Brosmer tiny waist

I saw a newspaper article yesterday about student and part-time Burlesque dancer Nerina Orton and her tiny 15.7″ waist and it reminded me of 50s pin up and model Betty Brosmer.  Her waist was 18″, which is definitely tiny, but it made me realise just how small Nerina’s waist is. Apparently the world record for the tiniest waist is 15″, so you don’t get much smaller than that! Apparently Nerina spends 23 hours a day in her corset and only takes it off to shower – now that’s commitment (you can see photos here)!

What do you think about corseting and tiny waists? Is it something you do? If so, I’d love to know! If you’d like to find out more about waist training you can in our article here.

Photo source and copyright: Used with kind permission by BettyBrosmer.com