My vintage style: making like Twiggy

I was so pleased with my new ‘Make Like Twiggy‘ dress which arrived this morning that I thought I’d share my sixties-inspired outfit. It feels strange and a little scary taking photos of myself and posting them on here though- I know lots of people do it, but its an odd feeling doing it for the first time! But still, I’ve been meaning to start doing outfit posts for ages and there’s no time like the present is there?

Besides, I’m following of my current mantra of doing at least 1 thing each day which scares me – so this is my out-of-my-comfort-zone thing for today!

It might not be the most practical outfit for a day of tramping through the woods and playing Pooh-sticks with my 6 year old, but hey, I’ve never let practicality stop me before, and besides – I’ve got my big winter boots on, right?

The black tights and boots mean I can wear a real sixties-style dress without looking like I’m going to a fancy dress party but the outfit still has a great 60s vibe thanks to that cute peter pan collar and super-short skirt (another reason for the thick tights to avoid the otherwise inevitable knicker-flashing!)

It’s also an excuse to wear my latest vintage find: Christine Dior Cocotte sunglasses – aren’t they fabulous? If you want to start wearing retro or vintage – sunglasses are a great place to start!

What do you think? (be kind!) If you’ve got any tips for taking good outfit photos, I’d love to hear them! :)

So from top to bottom:

7 thoughts on “My vintage style: making like Twiggy

    • Mary Post author

      oh wow – I may be some time looking at that site, such gorgeous things! Thanks for posting, and glad you like my photos. It’s scary doing that for the first time, but hey it’s halloween – perfect time to be doing scary stuff, right? 😉

  1. Jeeze, Julia!

    I love the dress and you look great! You’ve inspired me to try to find a pattern for a dress like that so I can make one for myself. So pretty! By the way, Pooh-sticks is a wonderful game. Hope you had fun!


    • Mary Post author

      we had great fun playing Pooh-sticks, but sadly my son is the current champion so I came away disappointed. It comes to something when I can’t beat a six-year-old at games any more 😉
      Glad you like the outfit – cute dress isn’t it?


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