My vintage style: family day out

My 60s inspired outfit

Brrr it’s cold out there this morning! I’m slowly getting more comfortable doing outfit posts, although it still seems like a very scary thing to (no pics without sunglasses yet! – although in my defence it was actually nice and sunny this morning!). My apologies if I look a bit sulky in these photos – I have a couple of reasons:

  1. It was freeeezing cold (even snuggling inside my furry gilet)
  2. It was first thing in the morning
  3. I’d only had 2 cups of coffee (I need at least 3 to function properly)
  4. My front teeth are crooked so I always prefer photos of myself NOT smiling 😉

So excuses aside, this is me ready for our family trip out to a car museum to celebrate the inset day I’d forgotten about (that’s the new phrase for teacher training day). Just need to grab a wooly hat, my camera, another cup of coffee and my boys and I’m ready to go!

My 60s inspired outfit

Above: Cup of coffee No. 2 (rapidly going cold)

My 60s inspired outfit

My 60s inspired outfit

So this is the run-down from top to toe :

What do you think? I’d like to start doing some outfit pics in different locations, but shooting in my back garden is as far as I’m brave enough to go right now! I’m also getting more adventurous in my legwear – I’m really coveting these moustache-print leggings as well as having a secret hankering for the bright gold ones – what do you think? Too much?

5 thoughts on “My vintage style: family day out

  1. Anna Novak

    It can’t be that cold…I don’t see snow or ice…oh wait you aren’t in Chicago like me. It’s hard to look cute in the winter here. But if you were brave enough, the ladies are wearing lacy black tights here with similar ensembles. I for one, am not.


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