Barbie has been a fashion icon for girls (both young and old) since the late 1950s. What would be a more perfect way of celebrating vintage style than through Andi (of Andi B. Goode)’s collection of fabulous vintage Barbies! Which is your favourite?

Hi We Heart Vintage readers – I’m Andi (of Andi B. Goode) and I’m very excited to be here to show you all a bit of my vintage Barbie collection.

Vintage blonde repro/Solo in the Spotlight doll wearing Fancy Free

[8 photos]This Barbie is not vintage (she’s from the 1995 Solo in the Spotlight set) but the dress she is wearing is – Fancy Free #943.

Vintage Ken & Repro Barbie

My vintage Ken doll is wearing his Casuals set from 1961 and the repro Barbie is wearing Sheath Sensation #986.

Fashion Queen Barbie

This is Fashion Queen Barbie – she is wearing a reproduction of Dinner at Eight #946.

Fashion Queen Barbie hairstyles

And Fashion Queen Barbie modelling her different wigs!

Mod Lot

Let me introduce you to some of my mod girls! In 1967 Barbie got a complete makeover so she could stay up to date with the fashions of the time. Gone was the heavy eyeliner and somewhat stern expression (which I love), replaced by the slightly open mouth and real eyelashes!

From left to right the fashions are Romantic Ruffles #1871, Midi-Marvelous #1870 and Jump Into Lace #1823.

Allan & the Twins 2/2

The freckled ladies in this photo are two variations (titian, left and blonde, right) of Barbie’s best friend, Midge. The Midge on the left is wearing a repro set of Garden Party #931 and the Midge on the right is wearing a vintage Cotton Casuals #912. I am not sure what Allan (who is in the middle) is wearing exactly.

The Three Faces of Francie 1/2

But Barbie wasn’t the only stylish one! Her mod cousin, Francie, had some of the cutest outfits ever. The Francie on the left is a repro and is wearing her repro outfit, the one in the middle is a modern Silkstone Francie but her clothes are definitely inspired by the late 60s and the Francie on the right is vintage and is actually wearing a vintage Blythe doll dress by Kenner.

Living Skipper & Living Fluff

And even her little sister Skipper had some really cute clothes! This is Dramatic Living Skipper and Dramatic Living Fluff. Skipper is actually wearing a modern dress made for the Japanese fashion doll Licca Chan but Fluff is wearing some vintage Skipper clothes that I think are really cute.

You can see more of my collection here at Flickr or at my doll collection Tumblr.