My vintage style: wide lapels & a brown sixties print

My vintage style

Hmm. I had a strange mode on my camera by accident this morning (think I had a custom white balance on there by mistake) so I had to correct these in Photoshop and I still look slightly jaundiced! I’m not ill, I just haven’t got the hang of my new camera yet! 😉

I need to find another background for my photos than the trusty brick wall, but nothing I’ve tried has worked yet. Anyone got any good location suggestions? [4 photos]

Vintage Jane Shilton handbag

My vintage style

My vintage style

From top to toe:

4 thoughts on “My vintage style: wide lapels & a brown sixties print

  1. gerryquiff

    As usual, a nice interesting article.

    RE: your background, perhaps zooming out a bit and including more of the wall, and shootin from an angle rather than straight on. Try lacing yourself at a doorway or window, to bring more interest into the image, without detracting from the main subject (the clothing)
    I’d go for something along the likes of this.

    Keep up the great work.


    • Mary Post author

      Thanks Gerry- some great ideas there. Unfortunately the brick wall isn’t much bigger than I show – I’ll have to tidy the garden up a bit so I’m happy to show more of it! Love the example you showed – it’s give me some great inspiration, thanks!


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