vintage outfit

What’s nicer than spending the first day of a new year with good friends in beautiful relaxed surroundings, laughing, talking, having fun? A bit tired, and slightly hung over, but making the most of the new year!

One of my new year’s blogging resolutions is to get out and about to take my outfit photos, so I’ll be roping in friends to take photos whenever I get out and about! Photos today courtesy of my husband and my best friend, Nick. Thanks guys 🙂 We spent the day at Brooklands Museum – a historic racetrack in Surrey which then became an airfield in the war. It’s a lovely place, and like stepping back in time for a day!

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Below: me and my friend’s daughter pulling modelling faces – this is our impression of ‘Blue Steel’. Zoolander eat your heart out 😉




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Outfit, from top to bottom:

  • Vintage Dior sunglasses
  • Vintage 1960s clip on earrings
  • Green (or is it brown?) Parka by Dorothy Perkins
  • 60s-inspired mini dress from ClothesBox
  • Grey flower bag, a gorgeous Christmas gift