Blog stats for We Heart Vintage .co

I’ve been a bit pushed for time over the holiday period, what with the Norovirus, Christmas, a new years eve party to organise and seemingly hundreds of other things to do (I’m not complaining – everything apart from the Norovirus was fun!).

My point is that I’ve only just had a chance to look at my WordPress annual report and I’m so glad I took the time to do it.

It turns out We Heart Vintage had over 1.5 million visitors last year, which (apparently) is 27 times the amount of tourists that visit Liechtenstein every year – how cool is that?

My blog had many many more visits than a small country in Europe!

This compares to last year when my blog had just over half a million visitors. According to WordPress (who have a knack of making stats more exciting that they normally are) this means that if my blog were an exhibit at the Louvre Museum in Paris, it would take 24 days for that many people to see it!

The improvement has got to be something to celebrate. I’m keeping a ‘Good thoughts’ jar this year – every time something great happens we’re writing a note of it and popping it in the jar. On new year’s eve 2013 we’re going to empty out the jar and look at all the great things which have happened.

The most popular post last year was the photo of Marilyn Monroe by Bert Stern which shows her large abdominal scar. If you haven’t checked it out already, take a look 🙂

Thanks for all the support in 2012 everyone – here’s to a great 2013 for all of us!