Vintage look book: Jean Harlow in bias-cut satin

This is my look book inspired by the Jean Harlow outfit I designed yesterday – I’m not good enough at sketching to get the textures through in the design, so you can see the fabrics I would have used here.

One thing I will say is that I was shocked to see the amount of real fur on sale when I was searching for a fur stole to use. I’m not a member of the super-rich so I probably don’t move in the right circles to come across too many people who wear real fur, but there’s so much of it out there. All I can say is yuk! I just don’t see any excuse for it. I don’t rant often, but wearing real fur is one thing I will rant about!

I was also horrified to discover yesterday that my six year old son (who is very anti-fur because he keeps seeing that WWF TV advert about tigers being trapped for their fur) thought that my big furry ‘polar-bear’ coat was real fur but had been too polite to question it. I explained that it’s made of the same stuff his teddys are made out of and he seems much happier about it all now…

Anyway! (rant over) clockwise from top left:

Original photo of Jean Harlow source and copyright: This file is made available under the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication