WWII army pinup girls

Rita Hayworth WWII pin up for YANK Magazine

During World War 2 all of the big Hollywood stars posed for pin up photos to raise the morale of the troops. The official US Army magazine was called YANK (is it just me that finds that funny?)

Lots of the big silver screen starlets of the time are here: Lauren Bacall, Ingrid Bergman, Rita Hayworth (above), Gene Tierney, Esther Williams, Betty Grable, Ann Miller and even Lucille Ball (which somehow feels a bit like having a pin up of your mum – is that just me?)! Whose pin-up is your favourite? I think mine might be the lovely Rita Hayworth

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Image sources: Betty Grable, Elyse Knox, Nancy Porter, Lucille Ball, Ingrid Bergman, Esther Williams, Frances Vorne, Betty Anne CreganAnn Miller, Rita Hayworth, Peggy Corday, Lynn BariLauren Bacall, Gene Tierney, Gloria Anderson

8 thoughts on “WWII army pinup girls

  1. katie

    Oh such stunning photos. I can’t choose a favourite. Gene Tierney is beautiful and my eye is always drawn to Lauren Bacall. She just looks so stunning and unique, and that voice of hers was so unique.

    • vilvintage Post author

      I think Ingrid Berman is my favourite – it’s not such a traditional pin-up shot, but I love her vitality!

  2. gerryquiff

    Fantastic series of images.
    My favourite images in the bunch are Peggy Corday, Lucille Ball.
    2 totally different styles of images and neither really pin up, or glamour.

    Thanks for these Mary.

    • vilvintage Post author

      I’m finding it really interesting how people pick competely different images as their favourites! I forgot to mention that I LOVE the Rita Hayworth one too, even if she does look slightly uncomfortable!

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  4. Britt Skrabanek

    Although they are all fabulous, Bacall kills it. Awesome that she is wearing the most clothing.


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