vintage 1920s outfit

This is my vintage 1920s outfit which I adore – the dress actually belongs to my mum but I’m holding onto it until she next decides she wants to wear it!

She bought the dress for a twenties-themed party about 15 years ago – we looked everywhere for something and ended up buying it from a vintage shop on the Kings Road in London. The dress is wonderful black silk and really versatile. I can see I’ll wear it quite a lot just on it’s own. It came with the gorgeous heavy beaded tunic as well as a strange lace poncho, which I don’t wear as it makes me feel a bit like a bat (as you can see below)

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The beaded clutch was an 18th birthday present, and I’ve always loved it – it was a present from my mum and a friend of hers who died not long afterwards, so I always think of her whenever I use it. Whenever I wear vintage I always wonder who wore these things before me, where they’ve been and what have they been worn for…

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Outfit from top to bottom: