Fashion design sketch 1920s sailor dress

I’ve been getting lots of sketching done over the past few days, and I’m really enjoying it. Sitting there sketching and painting is also encouraging my 6-year-old to step away from the 3DS and get creative too. He’s not drawing clothes, he’s concentrating on dinosaurs, but it’s very satisfying!

One thing I’ve discovered is that I’m rubbish at drawing shoes, so apologies for the next few sketches being barefoot, or sometimes just wearing one shoe! Shoes and feet are on my list of things to practice!

Anyway, here’s the 1920s sailor-style dress suggested by SarahLouiseK – what do you think? Is it something that Louise Brooks would wear? I know the over-the-knee blue stockings aren’t very authentic, but I just liked them!

What else would you like to see – any suggestions? 🙂