Queen of the tiny waist: Betty Brosmer

The tiny waist of Betty Brosmer

1950s glamour girl and pin up Betty Brosmer who had the amazing hourglass figure of: 38-18-36 (inches). Her she has the most tiny waist, I know a lot more clothes were handmade in the fifties, but wow it would be hard to dress to figure like that off the peg!

Source and copyright: BettyBrosmer.com

8 thoughts on “Queen of the tiny waist: Betty Brosmer

  1. gerryquiff

    Very pretty face, and what a figure. Nice image spoiled by the light above her head. I want to shop it out myself.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • vilvintage Post author

      It’s a bit teeny for my tastes too… Still it’s probably better than my podgy tummy 😉

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  4. MonrMari

    I wonder if this person is a transgender MTF and if the ribs were taken out. The person really looks like a transgender MTF.


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