Fit for a Princess: Diana’s dress auction

Princess Dianas dress auction

Princess Diana was one of the most iconic and photographed women of the late 20th century, and so an auction of some of her most memorable dresses was bound to cause some interest.

Probably the most famous dress in this collection was the midnight-blue evening gown by Victor Edelstein which she wore to dance to John Travolta at a State dinner at the White House in 1985. At the auction yesterday the Edelstein dress was bought by a British man who had never bought a dress at auction before but wanted to buy it as a surprise to cheer up his wife.

If some kind benefactor were to gift you one of these dresses, which would you choose? I think I’d go for the bottle green 40s-inspired dress by Victor Edelstein…

[10 photos]

All images are from the auction catalogue from Kerry Taylor Auctions

2 thoughts on “Fit for a Princess: Diana’s dress auction

  1. Melanie

    They are all spectacular and I wouldn’t say no to any of them! Not just because of the incredible quality and workmanship but also the memories and affection I have for her still. The seamstress in me aches for that embroidered Indian state vist dress with the bolero – amazing stuff!

    • vilvintage Post author

      They are spectacular aren’t they – so beautifully made… I wish I had the budget to fill my closet with clothes like these (and that I had the occasions to wear them!)


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