A teenage Shirley Temple in a fur coat

Teenage Shirley Temple

A 16 year old Shirley Temple photographed in 1944 with William Lyon Mackenzie King, the Prime Minister of Canada. I don’t think I’d ever seen a ‘grown-up’ photo of her before, wasn’t she gorgeous?  I wonder why she didn’t make it to be a grown-up  movie star…

Source and copyright: This Canadian work is in the public domain in Canada because its copyright has expired

6 thoughts on “A teenage Shirley Temple in a fur coat

  1. Laurie Carey

    You may enjoy The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer
    From 1947 with Shirley Temple, Cary Grant as her crush and Myrna Loy as her older sister, a judge!

  2. gerryquiff

    Like you, I’d only ever seen her as a child and never as a grown up, and didn’t she grow up beautiful.

    • vilvintage Post author

      No, I guess she was likely to be beautiful, but it’s nice to see her all grown up isn’t it?

  3. Melanie

    You have to post her wedding photo – about 6 bridesmaids all in different pastel colours. She was living the dream! But I think she became a diplomat of some kind?


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