My vintage: my new (old) red party dress

Vintage red dress

I’ve been so excited about showing you one of my latest vintage purchases, it’s a gorgeous red party dress, and isn’t it lovely? It’s the best feeling when you buy something online and it fits perfectly! Plus it was only £10 and it’s in perfect condition, which means I can justify buying it even though I don’t actually have a reason to wear it right now. Gotta love vintage! What do you think?

Apologies for the uninspiring photo location, it’s still just too cold here to venture further than my back garden in anything other than full winter gear, but I’ll get out and about to take photos in some beautiful locations as soon as spring arrives properly! I bought the dress from one of my favourite Etsy vintage sellers and I must admit I dithered about whether to share the link with you as I’d like to keep all her vintage bargains for myself. 😉

However, in the spirit of sharing vintage love I decided I’d be magnanimous and share one of my newfound vintage treasure troves, enjoy!

[5 photos]

Vintage red dress Vintage red dress Vintage red dress  Vintage red dress

The photos were taken with my Canon EOS 60D camera.

8 thoughts on “My vintage: my new (old) red party dress

  1. Augustus

    Dear Vil, blue-eyed blondes look great with strong & vibrant colors (plus black and white, of course). Such crimson dress stood fabulous, fairly valuing your skin/eyes tone. By the way, what beautiful legs!!! (with all due respect). Did you read my comment about menswear advertise of the 70’s ? I made a note about Grace Kelly/Catherine Deneuve that will certainly be enjoyed… Cheers : )

  2. Grunge Queen

    Beautiful dress and it looks stunning on you! Thanks for sharing your Fave Etsy shop, very generous. :) Her prices are great. Xo

    • vilvintage Post author

      It’s a great shop isn’t it? I hope there’s something left for me when I get paid at the end of the month 😉


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