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This week’s sponsor spotlight focuses on Clothes-Box who are a family business selling a beautiful mixture of vintage and vintage-inspired clothes. They’re based in the UK but offer worldwide delivery, so don’t worry you can still get yourself some gorgeous vintage finds wherever you live! They’re kindly offering We Heart Vintage readers an exclusive promo code. Just enter the code ‘weheart30off’ at the checkout to get 30% off your order*.

I interviewed Lydia from Clothes-Box to find out more about their business:

What inspired you to start a vintage and retro-inspired business?

Loving Modcloth and wishing they were in the UK

 Who is your style inspiration?

Hmm, I’m likely to sound cheesy here… Alexa Chung, Audrey Tautou. It’s a good job I don’t do all the picking! One of my favourite designers at London Fashion Week last summer were Antoni and Alison.

Who works in your business / tell us about your team

We’re still tiny so I’m not sure we even qualify for the word ‘team’. My mum does most of the garment descriptions along with a bit of blogging. My partner James and his dad help with photography and editing. My best friend Taraneh (from the age of 3) has been buyer and fashion advisor – she’s the one who is eager to get our own line started. And lovely Freya (who’s now working from Canada) does our social networking and blog.

What are your aspirations for Clothes-Box?

Our own line. Taraneh has been keen ever since we started. I think her style fits perfectly with our customers and although she’s always mixing up vintage pieces, she’s also had a sixth sense for the next trends ever since our teens. Combine that with her eye for detail and ability to pick out where designs could have been done better, I think she will put together something amazing for our first collection.

What is your favourite thing about running Clothes-Box?

I love the variety of work the most. I can be eagerly rummaging through a new box of vintage stock, putting together the next banners for the home page or packing up orders so they are just as I would want to receive them. I take great pride in our customer care – it’s nice to be a friendly face online in amongst the big corporate giants.

I’ve picked some of my favourite items from Clothes-Box‘s new spring range below – which do you like best?

*The discount code expires at the end of April 2013